Clean Air Asia is an international non-governmental organization leading the regional mission for better air quality and healthier, more liveable cities throughout Asia. Our mission is to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in Asia and contribute to developing a more sustainable, equitable, and healthier region. We empower governments and cities by inspiring action and focusing efforts on planning and implementing solutions at scale, fostering regional cooperation to address issues of mutual concern, and ensuring the integration of air quality management across sectors and institutions. Our work focuses on implementing solutions that reduce air pollution and its detrimental health impacts and mitigate the climate crisis. We do so by providing policy guidance, building capacity, and making a compelling case for action among stakeholders at the city, national, and regional levels. Since 2008, we have been a United Nations-recognized partnership comprised of more than 250 organizations in Asia and internationally, with six Country Networks (Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka,  and Vietnam). Our headquarters are in Manila, Philippines, and we have offices in Beijing, China, and New Delhi, India.

As part of Clean Air Asia’s efforts in accelerating low-carbon transport initiatives in Indonesia, we are supporting the development of an emissions inventory model that would provide evidence to support decarbonisation policies in the country. To do so, we will be collecting primary travel behaviour data in the metropolitan region of Medan to understand local travel patterns and to support the transport emissions modelling in the region. With this, we are looking for a surveying firm to support Clean Air Asia in conducting a travel behaviour survey in Medan, Indonesia.



Under the direct supervision of Clean Air Asia’s Transport Specialist and Indonesia National Coordinator, the Surveying Firm will serve as the local focal point in conducting on-street and homebased travel behaviour survey to collect information on the travel behaviour and patterns of the residents of Greater Medan. The survey covers the three cities in metropolitan region of Medan namely Medan, Binjai, and Deli Serdang. The Surveying Firm will use the survey questionnaire and tool (Google Map Location History) provided by the project team to administer the survey by assisting respondents in answering.

The Surveying Firm is expected to provide survey services to administer the survey, including the following activities:

  • Accomplish the target number of survey responses and types of respondents of the survey
  • Survey preparation – prepare any administrative matters for the survey, including:
    • Applying for necessary city permits and contract documents applicable to conduct survey in the three cities in Greater Medan
    • Preparing a strategic workplan and timeline
    • Identifying additional strategic survey  locations  
    • Providing necessary equipment, if applicable, to surveyors during field survey (e.g. map guides for surveyors, questionnaire print-outs), data checking and enumeration (e.g., laptop), one-on-one interviews (e.g., voice recorder).
    • Participate in survey briefings and orientation by the project team prior to field survey
  • Survey pilot – deploy appropriate number of surveyors to conduct a pilot survey, including:
    • Pilot survey in one city
    • Assess pilot implementation and gather lessons learned
    • Incorporate lessons learned for the implementation of the actual wider travel behaviour survey
  • Actual wider travel behaviour survey - implement wider survey to the three cities in Medan, including:
    • Deploy at least 24 surveyors in the identified survey sites in Medan, Binjai, and Deli Serdang to administer the survey questionnaire and tool to respondents
    • Use the survey questionnaire and tool (Google Map Location History) provided by the project team to administer the survey by assisting respondents in answering.
    • Provide clear instructions to respondents on how to use and record their daily travel journeys for one week using the Google Map Location History in their mobile phones
    • Systematically plan, schedule, and coordinate the deployment of the field surveyors to conduct the survey in different sites
    • Manage the daily logistics for the site selection including pick-up and drop-off for surveyors.
    • Get written consent of participation from survey participants by explaining (a) purpose of the survey, (b) how data will be processed and used, (c) and that data will be anonymized.
  • Survey data checking – ensure completeness and validity of collected survey responses, including:
    • Check for missing/incomplete/incorrect responses
    • Send follow-up inquiries to respondents for incomplete responses through any forms of communication where needed to ensure completeness and legibility of the responses of the participants by clarifying any ambiguities, errors, or non-submission.
    • Turnover complete, correct, and valid data
  • Reporting
    • Write and submit a report summary of the responses including summary analysis in both Bahasa and English.
    • Regularly communicate updates, and survey activities to the project team in both Bahasa and English versions.

Successful applicants will develop and maintain strong professional relationships with other Clean Air Asia partners and stakeholders in the country, including those in government, private sector, and civil society organizations. It is also expected that the Firm shall take out its own insurance for the engagement period.

 The role requires active participation and timely presentation of progress or updates in meetings with the Clean Air Asia team.



  • Must be based in the Greater Medan metropolitan area (Medan, Binjai, and Deli Serdang cities) in Indonesia.
  • Must be an independent service provider with substantial capital, equipment, and expertise, primarily engaged in the business of providing data collection and field surveyor services
  • Has demonstrated experience deploying surveyors for on-street questionnaire survey and in-person interviews in Indonesia



The Contractor will be engaged until 30 September 2023 under a lumpsum intermittent contractual contract. The remuneration is competitive but may vary subject to the candidate’s professional qualifications and work experience.

All applicants must clearly state in their cover letter how they meet the job specification above, as well as contact details of three referees.


We encourage early applications as applications will be processed as they arrive so the recruiting process may end earlier than closing date. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.