Featured Projects

Integrated Programme for Better Air Quality in Asia

The Integrated Programme for Better Air Quality in Asia (IBAQ Programme) is addressing the growing challenge of air pollution in Asia and is directly contributing to the development of healthier and more livable cities throughout the region. The IBAQ Programme, launched in July 2014 by Clean Air Asia and the Ministry of the Environment of… . . Read More

Cities Clean Air Partnership

Clean Air Asia recognizes that cities are on the front lines of the fight against air pollution and climate change, and that managing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are complex tasks requiring long-term commitment and multi-stakeholder actions at the city level. CCAP aims to provide cities with incentives, direct support, and technical assistance to… . . Read More

Better Transport Data for Sustainable Transport Policies and Investment Planning

The overall outcome of the project is the improved availability and quality of transport data in the Developing Member Countries of the Asian Development Bank, and thus help guide decisions on transport investments and policies, which are in line with sustainability objectives. The impact will be better informed policies and investment decisions in DMCsin support… . . Read More