Clean Air Scorecard

  Assessment tool to help cities improve air pollution and GHG emissions management 中文Chinese Air quality management in cities have been traditionally evaluated using the good versus bad list analysis—“100 Dirtiest Cities” or “Top 10 Cities with Best Air Quality”, usually only considering air quality levels for a city. This provides a subjective and incomplete… . . Read More

Integrated Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollution Emissions Accounting for Companies

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol ( is the most widely used international accounting tool for government and business leaders to understand, quantify, and manage greenhouse gas emissions. However, while the GHG Protocol includes six main GHG emissions, it does not take into consideration main air pollutants. Measuring air pollutants from energy use (particulate matter (PM), SO2,… . . Read More

Transport Emissions Evaluation Model for Projects (TEEMP)

  Transport projects can either lead to net increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) and air pollutant emissions or they can result in emissions savings. However, traditional tools and methodologies for evaluating the emissions impacts of such projects may require a lot of time, data requirements and financial resources. Methodologies and tools that would enable the… . . Read More

Walkability Study in Asian Cities

  Improving walkability and pedestrian facilities is one of the less prioritized measures for sustainable urban transport by policymakers and development organizations. Clean Air Asia with support from the Asian Development Bank and the Fredkorpset conducted walkability surveys in various Asian cities to better understand the state of walkability in Asian cities. The cities were… . . Read More

Clean Fleet Management Toolkit

  As Asian economies grow, the contribution of vehicle fleets to air pollution and GHG emissions increases. Companies are also concerned about the financial impact of rising fuel consumption and costs. In 2008, PCFV and Clean Air Asia launched the UNEP Clean Fleet Management Toolkit at the Better Air Quality conference held in Bangkok, Thailand.… . . Read More