Their message: reduce carbon emission levels

How many of us (who own two-wheelers) can spend a day without using the vehicle? Bangalore, which has a large population of two-wheelers, is rated as one of the more polluted cities in the country.

Students of B.N.M. Institute of Technology and activists from the Centre for Social Markets (CSM) came together on Saturday to create awareness about the effects of global warming and climate change, to mark World Earth Day. Sanctuary Asia and Earth Day Network were also part of the event.


As part of the initiative, around 200 students of the college pushed 35 two-wheelers backwards for about 2 km to signify “turning back time to when carbon emission levels were lower.”

They shouted slogans such as ‘Do not pollute our earth, but salute our earth’. They pledged to use public modes of transport more frequently and urged the bystanders to do the same.

Pushpanath Krishnamurthy, chief of the CSM, said, “The pushing back of two-wheelers signifies that we need to go back to a simpler time when carbon emission levels were lower.”

Many students of the college also chose to ride bicycles during the rally. Gantha Dheeraj, a first year student, said, “It is a great initiative for a great cause. I do my part to reduce carbon emission by travelling by bus every day. I will urge my friends to use public transport in future.”

C.U. Apeksha, another student, said, “It is better to walk than ride two-wheelers. Walking also helps one stay fit. I am glad to be part of this campaign.”

Keywords: World Earth Day, carbon emission, environmental pollution