SEWA Nepal (Socio Economic Welfare Action for Woman and Children)

Social Economic Welfare Action for Women and Children (SEWA), registered in Nepal (South Asia) with Nepal Government registration no. 355/048/ 1992 A.D.
SEWA Nepal is an independent, non-profit making and non-governmental social organization dedicated to the socio-economic upliftment of women and children living in both rural and urban areas in Nepal. Through educational programs, campaigns, and research initiatives, SEWA Nepal works to enhance the social, political, and economic capacities of women and children and to promote women’s empowerment at the individual as well as the collective level.
SEWA Nepal has conducted more than 500 non-formal literacy classes and out of school children classes covering 5000 adult women and children in rural area of Nepal. SEWA Nepal has launched the Radio Awareness Programme (funded by Global Fund for Women), non-formal Child Education Programme (funded by IPEC-ILO and UNICEF), NFE Adult Education Programme (funded by PACT Nepal), Household Consumption Survey (funded by Consumers International), NGO Capacity Building Programme (funded by UNESCO), Parents Motivation Programme to Improve Girl Child Condition (funded by DANIDA), Campaign on food Security and Nutrition (funded by Consumers International) etc.
SEWA Nepal has played the leading role at national level in preparation of the Beijing World Conference on Women and 180 days/180 ways for Women’s Action Campaign.
Apart from many other events, SEWA NEPAL has participated in Beijing World Women Conference 1995, World Summit on Social Development 1995, Habitat II 1996, etc. SEWA Nepal is also affiliated with Social Welfare Council of Government of Nepal. Chartered accountant regularly audits financial statements of SEWA Nepal. The highest body of SEWA Nepal is its annual general body meeting. This general body approves annual financial and organizational report. Every two years, there will be election for Executive board members. Its executive body runs its regular activities. At present SEWA Nepal has 120 members and working on various field to uplift social economy of downtrodden excluded population.
Currently SEWA has been engaged in various strategically movement to eradicate poverty from grass root level namely “Energy for all”(cheap alternative bio energy for rural house hold in Terai, plain land in south part of Nepal-Ministry of science and Technology Nepal) ,Wise use of natural Resource (NRM in mid hill-Ministry of Environment Nepal), Sanitation for Dalit(Dalit=so called untouchable) (an innovative ecological sanitation approach integrated with food security for oppressed community) Solid Waste management for Jaleswor municipality (MOLD).

Primary Contact: Nabina Sharma
Position: Project Head

Postal address: SEWA NEPAL,Baneswor-kantigalli-20, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 977-9851039627, 977 98 14473226
Fax: 977-1-14473226
Email#1: [email protected], [email protected]