Clean Fleet Management Toolkit


As Asian economies grow, the contribution of vehicle fleets to air pollution and GHG emissions increases. Companies are also concerned about the financial impact of rising fuel consumption and costs.

In 2008, PCFV and Clean Air Asia launched the UNEP Clean Fleet Management Toolkit at the Better Air Quality conference held in Bangkok, Thailand. Since then, Clean Air Asia was able to carry out training of the Toolkit in Chile (September 2009), Slovenia (November 2009); Dubai (September 2010) and St. Lucia (March 2011). Clean Air Asia piloted the Toolkit in the Philippines at the Manila Electric Company (Meralco).

The pilot project demonstrated the usefulness of the Toolkit in measuring emissions from company fleets, guiding companies in setting fuel savings and emission reduction objectives, and encouraging companies to take concrete action to achieve these objectives. Meralco SDS realized more than 14% fuel savings in the first half of 2010 (compared to the 1st half of 2009) from the eco-driving, re-fleeting, preventive maintenance system improvement and other efforts initiated as part of the pilot.

The project facilitated Clean Air Asia’s cooperation with the private sector to promote the Toolkit and eco-driving:

  • Isuzu, which produces and sells diesel engines and vehicles, has greed to partner with Clean Air Asia in delivering eco-driving training. It provided eco-driving training to Meralco.
  • Honda, which organizes trainings for fleet managers of key Philippine government agencies
  • Shell, which organizes trainings for fleet managers of bus fleets
  • Philippine Business for Environment which serves as Secretariat in rolling out the Toolkit and eco-driving training in the Philippines
  • Bosch, which promotes preventive maintenance to bus operators

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Donor and Partner: UNEP-PCFV

Duration: November 2008 – December 2010

Alvin Mejia, alvin.mejia(at)

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