Promoting Science‐based and Stakeholder‐inclusive Air Quality Management in China and Expanding Capacity Building in South China

With prominent air pollution problems, public outcry and political will to tackle the issue, China’s State Council released its Action Plan on 12 September 2013. The Action Plan sets the road map for reducing air pollution and comprehensive control from 2013‐2017 in China The momentum for improving air quality has come to China.

Witnessing most of society beginning to demand action against air pollution, and government promulgating policies and measures fast in China, Clean Air Asia will build on our strengths and experience to adopt the following interlinked approaches to make significant impact and create meaningful change in China:

  • To document air quality improvement progress, analyze and assess the effectiveness of policies and measures adopted by national and local governments, and identify good practices.
  • To provide capacity building for city authorities, accessible by any city willing to learn about air quality management.
  • To provide in‐depth support to PRD region and cities excluded from the three key regions in South China.
  • To engage and make the public aware of meaningful steps that people can take to reduce emissions and protect themselves against air pollution.

Donor: Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF)

Duration: July 2015 – June 2018

Contact: FU Lu, [email protected]