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Today is International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies. This day was designated by the United Nations in 2019 in recognition of the urgent need to raise public awareness of air pollution, and to encourage individuals and organisations to come together to work towards cleaner air for all.


Clean Air Asia recognizes that clean air is not a luxury, it is vital for a healthy, happy life. With 99% of the world’s population now breathing polluted air (WHO, Lancet Planetary Health), it is more urgent than ever that we rethink our relationship with energy and transportation to build a future where we can all live and breathe clean air.

This is why we are determined to use our expertise to work harder every day to build a cleaner future. The solutions do exist, but we need to build the political awareness and will to enact the change necessary to fight air pollution and climate change.

The theme for the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies this year is #TheAirWeShare, in recognition that air pollution knows no borders, and highlighting the necessity for collective action.

This is why Clean Air Asia works throughout Asia, such as through the Asia Clean Blue Skies project, launched today, where it will be providing assistance through ADB projects to developing countries in Asia and the Pacific to pursue clean air and climate action. Clean Air Asia also works with local communities, such as those in Tondo, Manila, where it has been educating women and young people about how to mitigate the impacts of air pollution on their own health through the Asia Blue Skies program.

We believe that projects such as these, as well as the development of inclusive, science-based clean air action plans that directly address the main sources of pollution, are the best way to use our expertise to help reduce air pollution at source where it matters. Together we can build the will and the capacity to foster real change.

Thank you for supporting our mission to improve the lives of everyone who breathes the air we share.


Bjarne Pedersen

Executive Director, Clean Air Asia