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Clean Air Asia and the Center for Environmental Education and Communications of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment in China jointly launched the “Cities Turning Bluer” poetry project on 05 June 2023, in time for the 50th celebration of the World Environment Day.  

The campaign aims to inspire the people’s aspiration for the environment through poetry, as well as to grab the public’s attention in addressing the emerging issues on air quality and climate change. 

“Cities, as a symbol of human civilization, are the center of production and life, and key to address air pollution and climate change challenges,” said Chengchuan TIAN, Director of CEEC. 

Around 20 non-governmental organizations, celebrities, experts in the field of environmental protection, and enterprises have voiced their support for the event. The public were also invited to create themed poems and discuss air quality and climate change. 

The poetry campaign will run from 05 June 2023 until the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies on 07 September 2023. 

Dr. Lu FU, China Director of Clean Air Asia, shared that the idea of the “Cities Turning Bluer” poetry campaign is to showcase the beauty of nature through poetry, enhance understanding of air quality and climate change issues, and take environmental protection actions in daily life to make cities bluer. 

Plastic and air pollution  

Plastic pollution contributes to air pollution and climate change.  Mr. Ruihe TU, Representative of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in China said, “Each individual can live a green and low-carbon lifestyle and support plastic reduction through actions, contributing to making cities bluer and fostering a modern society where humans and nature coexist harmoniously.”

This year’s World Environment Day theme is “Solutions to Plastic Pollution”, which also serves as a reminder that people’s actions on plastic pollution matters.  

Poetry Campaign Enters Cities, Million times Green and Low-Carbon Cycling  

The poetry campaign has gained wide support from various poetry cultural brands such as “Read a Poem Before Sleeping’”; “Poetry Island”; and “Writing Center for Lodging”. 

"Poetry is a kind of idealistic spirit that possesses the power to inspire people. Through poetry, we hope to convey to actions," said Ruixue NIU, the founder of the co-organizer Beijing ONE. 

The "Cities Turning Bluer" poetry campaign is making its way into cities. Hello Bike has placed nearly 1,000 poetry-themed bike banners in nine cities, including Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Nanchang, Ningbo, and Taizhou. Meanwhile, soundtracks of exclusive poems are played in these cities, accompanying millions of rides. Over 20 environmental NGOs and companies from 14 cities across China also support the campaign. 

The "Cities Turning Bluer" poetry campaign, in collaboration with Beijing ONE's Poetry City Public Art Project, will launch multiple urban flash mob activities.  

The public will also have the opportunity to see various forms of poetry such as via shop windows, poetry projection installations, and bike banners at commercial areas of cities, and participate in city walking activities. The selected poems will be released on the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies.