Institutional and Policy Analysis of Green Freight in China

The objective of this project was to provide information that guide the establishment of policies and practices favorable to green freight transport in China. The project was implemented by identifying policy and practice gaps; recommending improvements in implementation, monitoring, and enforcement; and identifying opportunities for greater efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

The study

  • Reviewed related existing national, provincial, and city polices;
  • Reviewed related institutions include government agencies and affiliated institutions to government, such as association and research institutes;
  • Reviewed the road freight industry including air, water, and rail transfers focusing on energy efficiency technologies and practices including management, financing, policies and regulations (e.g. fuel economy standards, permits needed, fuel standards & vehicle emission standards);
  • Provided recommendations on policy/institutional changes or strengthening, collaboration between institutions, improving policy alignments.


  • Report – A Green Freight China Institutions and Policy Framework Report was produced.
  • Presentation – A Power Point presentation of about 60 minutes in length summarizing the overall study was provided.
  • Workshop – The presentation was delivered in a workshop with key stakeholder organizations such as government agencies, institutions linked to government, and private sector representation including freight associations.

Donor: World Bank

Duration: Apr-Dec 2012

Clean Air Asia contact:
[email protected]