China Green Freight Initiative Seminar 2012

China Green Freight Initiative Seminar (2012) is held on 11 June 2012 in Beijing, which is hosted by China Green Freight Initiative team (China Road Transport Association (CRTA), Clean Air Asia, and Research Institute of Highway (RIOH)), and supported by Energy Foundation.

China Green Freight Initiative (CGFI) is an important project aiming at promoting green transport and sustainable development of the Chinese road freight transport industry, and assisting the Chinese governmental departments and road freight transport enterprises in speeding up the upgrade of industry and transforming the industrial development pattern.

With the cooperation of CRTA, Clean Air Asia, and RIOH, the CGFI team pays much attention to go on promoting the green freight initiative in China and plans to hold the Seminar to assemble global experts on road freight as well as industry stakeholders to meet with officials from the relevant Chinese governmental departments which guide the detailed work as the members of CGFI Steering Committee. Being consisted of the Ministry of Transport (MOT), Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Ministry of Public Security (MPS) and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the steering committee gives the steering opinions, comments and feedbacks to the CGFI projects including this Seminar.

The purpose of this Seminar is to:
1.Open doors for cooperation in the public-private arena, where government policy makers and industry to hear and discuss together.
2.Build confidence in green freight by showcasing the successful stories and providing opportunities for freight sustainability, and
3.Educate the audience, especially potential green freight partners that fuel consumption and emission reduction can be achieved together.

The Seminar is structured following the three components of the CGFI with more focus on the priority items in the CGFI work plan.
1.Green Management: Partnerships, Marketing/branding, Methodologies, Knowledge & capacity building, Freight Logistics. Partnership and Branding are the priority for the first year of the CGFI.
2.Green Technologies: Clearing house for clean technologies; Technology verification/certification; Financing mechanisms for technology adoption. Piloting green freight technology verification/certification is the priority for the first year of the CGFI.
3.Green Driving: driver training on eco-driving, safe driving and maintenance.

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