Co-benefits Training to Chinese NGOs 中国NGO协同效益培训

Clean Air Asia aims to promote the co-benefits approach to the national policy level in order for China to adopt co-control policy in the 12th Five-Year-Plan. NGOs in China plays a greater role in working with government and other stakeholders to mitigate climate change through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to the impacts of climate change.

In order for Chinese NGOs to participate more effectively in formulating and implementing integrated air quality management and climate change policies and programs, training courses were given to Chinese environmental NGOs in December 2008 to build their capacity on the co-benefits approach.

Donor:Heinrich Boehl Foundation

Partner:China Civil Climate Action Network (CCAN)

Duration:Dec 2008

Clean Air Asia contact:
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为了使中国将协同控制政策(co-control policy)纳入第十二个五年计划中,亚洲清洁空气中心致力于在国家政策层面推广协同效益方法(co-benefits approach)。在中国,NGO正扮演着越来越重要的角色,它们与政府和其他利益相关方展开合作以减少温室气体排放,适应气候变化,减缓气候变化。





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