Yangtze River Delta Clean Air Forum 长江三角洲清洁空气论坛

The objective of this project is to advance the regional AQM in the YRD by establishing partnerships, building YRD capacity to comply with the RAQM directive, and enhancing transparency and data availability to the public.


Establishment of partnerships between
• Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces and the 9 key cities in YRD. A Working Group is established to set long-term regional air quality targets, identify technical assistance priorities for AQM, and improve sharing and reporting of air quality data and information among YRD cities.
• Partnerships between provinces and main cities in the YRD with national government agencies, experts, research institutes, civil society organizations and international experts and organizations, who are brought together at the YRD Clean Air Forum and be invited to support the YRD in setting targets, addressing AQM priorities and improving AQ reporting and information sharing.

Facilitated technical assistance to strengthen AQM in YRD supported by national and international experts and organizations, which could include research, training, and visits to other cities outside of YRD or China with best practices. Technical assistance on AQM are provided to the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games in 2014.

Clean Air Reporting to increase transparency on AQM in the YRD cities and facilitate best practice sharing. This include:
• Survey of the 9 key YRD cities on air quality status and priorities and on what air quality information is collected and made publicly available through publications and websites or online databases, resulting in an Air Quality Information Availability Baseline Report
• Nanjing Youth Olympic Games 2014 dedicated webpages on the Clean Air at Mega-events website, with information building on the YRD AQ survey and on the experience from Shanghai EXPO and other mega-events

Two YRD Clean Air Forums , first was held in 2012(see 1st Yangtze River Delta Clean Air Forum), the second was held in 2013 (see The 9th China City AQM Workshop) and the third in 2015 (see Air Quality Management and Emissions Inventory Workshop) as a platform for YRD provinces and cities to interact with national government agencies and other national and international experts and organizations.


  • Report detailing minutes and highlights of meetings
  • Report detailing technical assistance;
  • Dedicated webpages on Nanjing YOG 2014
  • Air Quality Information Availability Baseline assessment in 2012 and 2013
  • Clean Air Forums organized and Event (Forum) Reports.

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Official Project Name
Advancing Regional Air Quality Management (AQM) in Yangtze River Delta (YRD) through Partnerships

Duration: October 2011 – March 2013

Donor: Fu Tak Iam Foundation

Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau (SEPB)
Civic Exchange
Hong Kong University

Clean Air Asia contact: china(at)cleanairasia.org





联系我们:[email protected]

资助方: 傅德荫基金会


• 在上海、江苏省、浙江省和长三角地区9个重点城市之间建立合作伙伴关系。建立工作小组,设定长期的区域空气质量目标、明确空气质量管理技术支持的优先事项、加强空气质量数据和其他信息的共享和发布。
• 在长三角地区省份和主要城市与国家政府机构、专家、研究机构、民间机构、国际专家和组织之间建立合作伙伴关系。邀请这些机构的代表参加清洁空气论坛,为长三角地区设定目标、明确空气质量管理的优先事项、加强空气质量信息发布提供支持。


• 对长三角地区9个重点城市进行调查,调查内容包括空气质量状况、优先事项、收集了哪些空气质量信息、是通过出版物和网站还是通过在线数据库对外发布,根据调查内容撰写空气质量信息可获得性基准报告。
• 在清洁空气重要活动网站上设立2014南京青年奥林匹克运动会专页,网站内容包括长三角地区空气质量调查的信息与上海世博会等其他大型活动的经验。

历届长江三角洲清洁空气论坛,第一届长江三角洲清洁空气论坛于2012年举办(见1st Yangtze River Delta Clean Air Forum),第二届论坛于2013年举办(见 The 9th China City AQM Workshop),第三届论坛于2015年举办(见环境管理与源清单编制研讨会)。论坛是长三角地区各省市与国内政府机构、国内外专家、组织交流互动的平台。


    • 会议详细记录和重点报告
    • 技术支持报告
    • 2014年南京青年奥林匹克运动会专门网页
    • 2012和2013年空气质量信息可获得性基准报告
    • 清洁空气论坛组织与活动(论坛)报告