Mandaluyong City 2-Stroke Replacement Project

The Mandaluyong Tricycle Upgrading Project is a collaboration of multiple stakeholders involving the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities/Partnership for Clean Air, Don Bosco Techological College, City of Mandaluyong, and Rizal Technological University Cooperative through a seed fund from the Petroleum Institute of the Philippines.

The project provided micro-financing to select tricycle operators for the purchase of new four-stroke motorcycles or repower their two-stroke motorcycles. The operators surrender their franchise agreement documents and official registration of the new vehicles as collaterals of their loan. The old two-stroke units are either sold as scrap or if still structurally sound repowered and sold to local government for use as barangay patrol vehicles. The repayment rate of the loans for the 20 selected tricycles in Mandaluyong is 90% paid on time. This pilot project also included purchase of two electric tricycles to study their performance, emissions and feasibility for public transport in the Mandaluyong area.


  1. Help the City of Mandaluyong in its effort to clean the air by replacing at least 20 two-stroke tricycles with four-stroke motorcycles.
  2. Pilot the use of two electric motorcycles


  1. Replacement of at least 20 two-stroke tricycles initially
  2. Developing environmentally- friendly technology for 2-stroke scrappage
  3. Piloting the use of at least two electric tricycles as part of the research
  4. Policy on the use of two-stroke tricycles in the city of Mandaluyong and in other cities
  5. Developing a financing scheme for MAFETA and other TODAS to replace their 2-stroke motorcycles
  6. Further studies on the problem of smoke-belching transport in the cities of the Philippines

The initial micro-financing capital given by the Petroleum Institute of the Philippines was augmented by the City of Mandaluyong in 2011. The success of the Mandaluyong Tricycle Upgrading Project has received interest from other Philippine cities such as Pasig, Caloocan in Metro Manila and Urdaneta in Pangasinan.

Funding Sources / Donors:
Petroleum Institute of the Philippines
City of Mandaluyong

Funding Type:

Implementing Agencies:

  • Partnership for Clean Air
  • Mandaluyong Federation of Tricicle Operators and Drivers Association (MAFETA)
  • Don Bosco Technical College
  • Rizal Techinical University – KMPC
  • City of Mandaluyong

Region Covered:
Southeast Asia

Countries Covered:

Cities Covered: