Workshop on Private Sector’s Role in Green Freight in China

Green freight initiatives have increased rapidly over the past years. Following the success of the US SmartWay program, a similar program is now being established for Europe. In China, a technology pilot for trucks in Guangzhou by the Clean Air Asia Center with various partners has lead to a larger pilot in Guangdong Province and the design of a Green Freight China Program. Interest for similar pilots and programs in India has also sparked. Supporting initiatives for green freight, such as the Sustainable Supply Chain Centre – Asia Pacific (SSCCAP) of the Logistics Institute, also exist.

This Workshop brings together shippers, carriers and logistic service providers operating in China to discuss the role of the private sector in advancing green freight in China, with particular focus on the freight supply chain.

The aim is to establish an (informal) partnership of private sector and other organizations for collaboration in China as part of efforts to establish a SmartWay-like Green Freight China Program in China (and possibly Asia).

The Workshop on Private Sector’s Role in Green Freight in China was held at the Beijing Scitech Hotel on 25 May 2011 from 9-12AM in Beijing. It will be held back-to-back with the Green Freight Seminar organized by the China Ministry of Transport and the Clean Air Asia Center (with support from Energy Foundation).

This workshop was organized by the Clean Air Asia Center, the SSCCAP of the Logistics Institute – Asia Pacific, and the Deutsche Post DHL.

Read the Workshop Report here.

Workshop Photos are available here.

For more information, visit the Green Freight and Logistics website.