Workshop on Strengthening the Clean Air Asia PRC Network 聚焦各城市空气质量管理现状研讨会

29-30 May 2006, Beijing Friendship Hotel, Beijing, China

A workshop on “Strengthening the Clean Air Asia PRC Network” will be held on 29-30 May 2006 in Beijing. This workshop aims to: (i) achieve buy-in for the draft Project Work Plan 2006; (ii) discuss the relevance of establishing a Chinese city network as a venue to exchange experiences about and replicate best practices in AQM; (iii) clarify the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders including SEPA, Project Office, cities, academe, non-government organizations, private sector, and development agencies preparing for key events such as the Better Air Quality 2006 (BAQ 2006) workshop; and (iv) allow selected cities to present their air pollution control systems as a means of exchanging information and sharing experiences.

1. 取得城市对项目2006年工作计划的认可;
2. 讨论关于中国城市网络的建设,以便交流和仿效在空气质量管理方面的最佳实践;
3. 确立各利益相关方,包括SEPA、项目办公室、城市、学术界、非政府组织、私营部门以及发展机构,在重要会议如“更好的空气质量”(BAQ)大会的准备过程中的角色和责任;
4. 由城市展示他们的空气污染控制系统,交流信息并分享经验。

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