Green Trucks Pilot Project in Guangzhou

To support Guangzhou’s efforts to improve air quality in preparation for the 2010 Asian Games, the World Bank and Clean Air Asia implemented a pilot project aimed at improving fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions and air pollution from trucks in Guangzhou. The pilot project was the basis for

  • a World Bank GEF project on freight and logistics for Guangdong Province
  • the establishment of a Green Freight Program for China
  • the formation of a Green Freight Network

The pilot project consists of three components:

Selected technologies aim to reduce rolling resistance and improve aerodynamics at participating truck companies. Several technologies were installed on seven trucks of Guangzhou truck companies and the Guangzhou municipality to test the potential to reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and air pollution. Two technology packages were selected with the help of Cascade Sierra Solutions (a US-based NGO) and the US Environmental Protection Agency. All trucks were equipped with low rolling resistance tires, a tire pressure monitoring system, and (on some trucks) aluminum wheels. An aerodynamics package was also installed on long haul trucks for higher speeds: fairings that reduce the tractor-trailer gap, nosecones on the trailer, and trailer side skirts. Technologies are to test how reducing “air drag” and “tire rolling resistance” can help save fuel in China’s freight and logistics sector. Results of this pilot determine how these technologies can best be deployed in China. See the video

Drivers and operators received a 2-day training course on how to reduce truck fuel use, and discussed how to monitor fuel use and other factors of operating trucks during the pilot. The training course are made available in English and Chinese for training of truck drivers in the future.

A survey of trucks and truck companies to understand the potential for scaling up the pilot to a wider truck fleet and to determine the potential for a longer term trucks program

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Partners: US EPA, Cascade Sierra Solutions (CSS), Guangzhou EPB, Guangzhou TC, Guangzhou PMO

Duration: December 2008 – March 2010

Clean Air Asia contacts:
[email protected]