Vietnam Clean Air Partnership (VCAP) Newsletter

Issue No.14/2013 (16-31 July, 2013)


SEAN establish dust monitoring system
18 Jul, 2013
Five Environment Ministers of Asean member countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand and Singapore have unanimously approved the establishment of the Dust Monitoring System in Southeast Asian. The idea will be submitted to the Asean leaders in the coming Asean Summit in October for approval.

Townspeople complain of factory smoke
20 Jul, 2013
VietNamNet Bridge – Pollution from a porcelain factory has raised concerns among residents in the northern province of Phu Tho’s Phu Tho Town.

They say smoke and dust pollution from the Thanh Ha Porcelain JSC has been affecting the lives of nearby residents for two years.

Thanh Ha Porcelain JSC began processing old rubber tyres into industrial oil used to bake ceramic tiles in 2011.

Brick kilns continue to pollute Ha Noi
28 Jul, 2013
VietNamNet Bridge – More than 30 brick kilns in Ha Noi’s Chuong My District keep operating, polluting the environment and impacting human health and production, even though the city’s people’s committee asked them to stop operations by the end of last year.

Nguyen Van Them, a resident in the district’s Dong Phuong Yen Commune, said that for over 10 years, the kilns had constantly discharged exhaust fumes and trucks loaded with bricks and coal had entered the area every day.


Ethanol plants mired in troubles
27 Jul, 2013
VietNamNet Bridge – The ethanol plants of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) are facing numerous difficulties due to slow consumption of the bio-petrol E5 at home and poor ethanol export prices.

Nguyen Anh Toan, deputy general director of PetroVietnam Oil Corporation (PV Oil), a PVN subsidiary, said three ethanol plants of PV Oil in Binh Phuoc, Quang Ngai and Phu Tho with total capacity of 300 million liters a year were operating perfunctorily because of high production costs and volatile cassava prices


Over $ 30 million reduces greenhouse gas emissions
25 Jul, 2013
The Prime Minister has approved a cooperative program on reducing greenhouse gas emissions through efforts to limit deforestation and forest degradation, sustainable management of forest resources, conserve and enhance forest carbon stocks in Vietnam (UN-REDD) – phase II.

The program is implemented in 3 years under the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Australia helps build climate change scenarios for Vietnam
23 Jul, 2013
The project “Calculation model with high-resolution for updating climate change scenarios for Vietnam” which is co-implemented by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment (IMHEN) and Science University (Hanoi National University) kicked off. The project is funded by the Australian Government.

MONRE continues to implement climate change programs
29 Jul, 2013
According to Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, it will continue to implement effectively National Target Program to Respond to Climate Change, including Vietnam – Netherlands strategic cooperation agreement on climate change adaptation.

In the last six months, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has built and submitted policy proposals and solutions to cope with climate change to the Government and the Central Party Committee to report to Politburo; calls for donor support for the Support Program to respond to Climate Change in the period 2013 – 2015, continues to develop 33 projects of national scientific and technological program serving the national target program to respond to climate change.

International funding for reduced greenhouse gas emissions and forest environmental services in Vietnam
31 Jul, 2013
On July 29, in Hanoi, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat and representatives from the Embassy ofthe Kingdom of Norway and the United Nations Coordinator in Vietnam launched Phase 2 of Reducing greenhouse gas emissionsthrough efforts to limit deforestation and forest degradation Program in Vietnam (UN-REDD). Vietnam is the first country in the 47UN-REDD partner countries moving to Phase 2 of the project with a funding of approximately US$ 30 million.


No serious environmental polluting facilities by 2020
16 Jul, 2013
Vietnam Environment Administration – VEA (under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) is urgently completed the plan to deal with facilities which cause serious pollution, with the goal of solving all these facilities by 2020. At first, the VEA promotes its inspection, listing and strictly punishing serious environmental polluting facilities.

“Agent Orange – sense and justice”
24 Jul, 2013
An exhibition themed “Agent Orange – Sense and Justice” will take place in the central city of Da Nang. The exhibition which isco-organized by Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin (VAVA), Chemical Arm under the Ministry of Defense, headquarters of the 5th military region, Da Nang Association of Victims of Agent Orange / dioxin, Da Nang veterans Association and Da Nang Museum to mark the 52nd anniversary of the Agent Orange (AO) catastrophe in Vietnam (1961-2013).

Issue No.13/2013 (01-15 July, 2013)


Plants told to tackle pollution
01 Jul, 2013
VietNamNet Bridge – Residents in the city of My Tho in the Mekong Delta province of Tien Giang have complained about a bad odour that had been polluting the city, especially at dawn and sunset.

Many residents in My Tho City’s Trung An Commune and Wards 5, 6 and 10 said they had felt nauseous and could not eat, according to a report in Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper.


More funds needed to fire up bio-gas sector
05 Jul, 2013
VietNamNet Bridge – The production of bio-gas plants to convert animal waste into fuel for lighting or cooking has come up against financial difficulties in Viet Nam.

The nation is only generating half a megawatt of electricity from bio-gas fuel so far, head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s International Co-operation Department Nguyen Anh Tuan said at a workshop held last Tuesday in Ha Noi.

Another wind power project for Ninh Thuan
07 Jul, 2013
VietNamNet Bridge – The south-central coastal province of Ninh Thuan has given approval in principle for Vietnam Electricity Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company (EVNIC) to deploy a wind power project using Russian technology with total designed capacity of 40.5 MW, Pham Hong Giang, general director of EVNIC, said.

The first phase of the Cong Hai wind power project will be carried out this year on 20 hectares in Cong Hai Commune in Thuan Bac District. With three turbines having a designed capacity of 1 MW each based on Russian technology, it is expected to turn out about 14 million kWh of electricity annually.

New HCM City programme embraces renewable energy
09 Jul, 2013
VietNamNet Bridge – From now to 2015, the city’s Green Energy programme will promote the use of renewable energy sources, including solar, wind, thermal and bio-fuel.

According to the city’s Electricity Development master plan, which was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the city has great potential in production of renewable energy, especially for solar, wind, waste and bio-gas.

Biofuels to diversify nation’s energy
11 Jul, 2013
At the meeting to review the implementation of the biofuel useroadmap on July 9, Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai affirmed that it is necessary to develop biofuel in order to diversity the nation’s energy. The goal of the programme is that to the year 2014 Vietnam can produce and provide E5 gasolinefor vehicles in seven provinces and cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Can Tho, Quang Ngai and Ba Ria-Vung Tau and to the end of 2015 in the whole country.

Using biofuels for environmental protection

VN to persevere with biofuel conversion plan
14 Jul, 2013
Viet Nam will continue to develop its production of bio-fuel, despite the fact it has been slow to catch on.

According to the plan, all motorised vehicles in seven cities and provinces will use a type of bio-fuel known as E5 from December 2014, and it will be rolled out nationwide the following year.

The seven cities and provinces will be Ha Noi, HCM City, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Can Tho, Quang Ngai and Ba Ria-Vung Tau.


Southern hub embraces CNG bus fleet
05 Jul, 2013
VietNamNet Bridge – The number of buses powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in Ho Chi Minh City is expected to reach 350 in 2015, according to the Transport Development and Strategy Institute under the Ministry of Transport.

Currently, there are 28 CNG buses that run from the city’s centre to its western and northeastern areas.

A CNG bus emits about 20 percent les carbon dioxide than fossil fueled buses, while fuel costs for CNG buses are 30-40 percent les than fossil-fuel powered buses.


HCM City budgets $3.3b for climate change plan
01 Jul, 2013
VietNamNet Bridge – HCM City has earmarked VND70.54 trillion (US$3.3 billion) for 36 projects to mitigate the effects of climate change, which is expected to severely affect the city.

Based on assessments of the impacts, HCM City will have action programmes in various phases to ensure they do not impact development. It will focus on developing an energy-efficient economy as a cornerstone of its efforts to combat climate change.–3-3b-for-climate-change-plan.html

HCM: 36 projects to cope with climate change implemented
02 Jul, 2013
Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee has issued an action plan to respond to climate change in Ho Chi Minh City to the year 2015. The action plan focused on enhancing resilience of the people, organizations to cope with climate change.

Its strategic objective is based on assessing the impact of climate change on the all economic sectors in order to improve specific action plan in response to climate change in both short term and long term.

Southeast Asia to suffer the most extreme impacts of climate change (CC)
03 Jul, 2013
The Research Institute for Climate Change Impacts of Potsdam (Germany) has recently completed the ” Heat Reduction: extreme weather, impact and adaptation areas” report ordered by the World Bank (WB). Accordingly, Southeast Asia region will suffer the most extreme impacts of climate change (CC).

Upcoming extreme hot spots

Denmark invests 20 projects to respond to climate change in Quang Nam
09 Jul, 2013
Recently, in Tam Ky city a training conference for 14 provinces in Central Highlands on financial mechanisms of programs to cope with climate change was co-held by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Over the past three years (2010 – 2012)a lot of international donors have invested USD 650 million for Vietnam to implement climate change adaptation programs. In the period 2013 – 2015, donors pledged to continue their support. Particularly in Quang Nam, more than 20 projects on climate change adaptation with a total capital of VND 151 triillion has been provided by Denmark.

Impacts of climate change on Agriculture
11 Jul, 2013
In Vietnam, agriculture plays an important role in the national economy, accounting for about 52.6% of the labor force and 22% of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2010.

1.Climate change is impacting on national food security.

According to statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in 2009, the area of agricultural planted land is about 9.4 million hectares, including 4 million hectares of rice land and the figure targets 10 million hectares in 2020. However, according to the forecast the population will reach about 120 million people in that year.

Climate change is impacting on rural areas of Vietnam and some solutions

12 Jul, 2013
Climate change causes the change of the environment, sea level rise and hurricanes. Due to sea level rise and coastal currents have changed, the erosion occurs. Sea level rise reduces the drainage of water to the sea, which makes water level in local rivers rise. Sea level rise makes the drainage of water difficult especially at high tide, which causes flooding in many areas. In 2010, rain, flood, and the storm No 9 damaged about 155,700 m3 of canals, 50,000 m3 of dikes, more than 322 large and small irrigation projects of all kinds.

Issue No.12/2013 (16-30 June, 2013)


Brick kilns continue to pollute Ha Noi
28 Jun, 2013
VietNamNet Bridge – More than 30 brick kilns in Ha Noi’s Chuong My District keep operating, polluting the environment and impacting human health and production, even though the city’s people’s committee asked them to stop operations by the end of last year.

Nguyen Van Them, a resident in the district’s Dong Phuong Yen Commune, said that for over 10 years, the kilns had constantly discharged exhaust fumes and trucks loaded with bricks and coal had entered the area every day.


Vietnam’s high wind power potential
18 Jun, 2013
Recently, the World Bank has built wind power potential map for Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. As a result of this map, Vietnam’s wind power potential may be more than 500,000 MW. Vietnam’s entire capacity of the electrical system is about 25,000 MW. If exploit this power potential, the total wind power capacity could be more 20 times than the moment total power capacity. The World Bank Vietnam has assessed that Vietnam has higher wind power than other countries in the region.

Ethanol plants mired in troubles
27 Jun, 2013
VietNamNet Bridge – The ethanol plants of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) are facing numerous difficulties due to slow consumption of the bio-petrol E5 at home and poor ethanol export prices.

Nguyen Anh Toan, deputy general director of PetroVietnam Oil Corporation (PV Oil), a PVN subsidiary, said three ethanol plants of PV Oil in Binh Phuoc, Quang Ngai and Phu Tho with total capacity of 300 million liters a year were operating perfunctorily because of high production costs and volatile cassava prices.

From 1st July, energy labeling on some products
28 Jun, 2013
The targets of energy labeling program including: products having significant single energy consumption, widely using products for household purposes, in the office, in production and business, available products not using energy saving technologies on the market.


Quang Nam Need 95 trillion for climate change program in the period 2013-2015
19 Jun, 2013
Quang Nam Provincial People’s Committee has approved an Action Plan in response to climate change in the period 2013-2015 and orientations towards 2030″.

Accordingly, in the period 2013-2015 Quang Nam plans to carry out 27 priority programs and projects in response to climate change and sea level rise. In the period from 2015 to 2030, there are 38 programs and projects.

Vietnam considers climate change mitigation as a development opportunity
24 Jun, 2013
This statement was confirmed by Prof. Dr. Tran Thuc, director of the Vietnamese Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment, at the inauguration of a report named “Turn down the Heat: Climate Extremes, Regional Impacts and the Case for Resilience”.

Da Nang: Launching project of water resources to respond to climate change
28 Jun, 2013
Da Nang City has started project “Comprehensive assessment of climate change response for water resources of Da Nang City”. The project will be carried out during 2 years and completed in April 2015.

This project is in the overall environmental projects against climate change, with a total budget of $223,281 USD funded by the Rockerfeller Foundation.

The impact of climate change on air quality in Ho Chi Minh City
28 Jun, 2013
According to climate change scenarios of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment until 2050 and 2100, the temperature in Ho Chi Minh City will have increased compared the decade of 1980-1999 by 1.0 and 2.0 Celsius Degree respectively. The increasing level of heat and prolonged drought will directly affect air quality in the city.The city suffers from urban heat island effect

Issue No.10/2013 (06-15 May, 2013)


Da Nang to be researched on low-carbon city model
17 May, 2013
On 15th May, being authorized by People’s Committee of Da Nang city, Da Nang representative office in Tokyo (Japan) chaired the opening meeting of research project on the feasibility of low carbon city model.

The project “low carbon city model in Da Nang, Vietnam” is funded by APEC. On the energy conference of Asia – Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 44th took place in Washington on November 2012; Da Nang was officially recognized as one of the world’s 20 cities which have the lowest carbon.

Treatment of dioxin in Da Nang International Airport to be completed in 2016
18 May, 2013
With the approval of the Prime Minister of Vietnam in 2011, US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Ministry of Defense of Vietnam jointly implemented the Environmental remediation project at Danang International Airport.

Danang International Airport is the region with high levels of dioxin residues of about 73,000 m3 of contaminated left after the war.


Bac Lieu wind-power project comes on line
31 May, 2013
VietNamNet Bridge – A wind-power project in the Mekong Delta city of Bac Lieu was connected to the national electricity grid on May 29.

The wind-power project is the second in the country to be connected to the national grid.

The first project began operating in April of last year in central Binh Thuan Province.

Finding energy solutions for the future
31 May, 2013
According to the United Nations and Shell Energy Scenarios – a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies, it is predicted that in 2030 the world will need 40% -50% more energy, food and water to meet the growing demand of humanity, which might put pressure on these vital resources. Vietnamese hope to build a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy system in the future.

7/10 people concerned about the future of energy


Bayer Vietnam to help children learn about climate change
20 May, 2013
In order to help Vietnamese children to learn about climate change, Bayer Vietnam, in coordination with Tri Viet Company (First News) and the Organization for Life & Learn for Environment and Community (Live & Learn), has launched a book with the title “What is wrong with the Earth?” and the simple message “Superheroes are not necessarily powerful people, they could be the people who do small things to make great things everyday”

Why is Hanoi getting hotter?
22 May, 2013
In the past few days, Hanoi is facing the heat up to 400 C. It is the first signal that this summer Hanoi will be getting warmer like the hottest areas in Nghe An and Ha Tinh. Experts blamed this situation on the rapid and uncontrolled urbanization process which does not take environmental impacts into account.

Surface concrete area has become very large, while the verdure areas have decreased.

International experts discuss solutions to cope with and mitigate the impacts of climate change in the Mekong River Basin
23 May, 2013
From May 19th to May 23th, The 2nd World Delta Dialogues Conference was hold by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Vietnam in collaboration with American Wetlands Foundation (AWF), Embassy of the Netherlands, the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam, attracting nearly 300 delegates from the Mekong region countries, Netherlands and the United States.

Climate changes in Da Lat – the result of deforestation
23 May, 2013
VietNamNet Bridge – The crops have been misled, the climate has changed with out-of-season fits of cold and heat. People now pay a heavy price for their activities of destroying pine trees. Da Lat, the romantic city which was compared as a little Paris, has gradually lost its special character.

Temperatures “dance”—the-result-of-deforestation.html

Coping with Climate Change: The focal point is adaptation
28 May, 2013
Vietnam is considered as one of the countries that are being affected most seriously by climate change. The impact of climate change is an existing threat to the objectives of hunger eradication, poverty reduction, the implementation of millennium goal and sustainable development of the country. Therefore, Vietnam is making efforts in the policies and measures to enhance the awareness and capacity to cope with climate change. According to Prof. Tran Thuc, director of Vietnam Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, in coping with climate change issues, the most important thing to Vietnam is adaptation.


Hue to celebrate Environment Day
16 May 2013
(VNA)-Vietnam plans to celebrate this year’s World Environment Day, themed “Think.Eat.Save”, in Hue City, the central province of Thua Thien-Hue on June 5.
According to the United Nations Environment Programme, the theme is intended to encourage people to become more aware of the environmental impact of the food choices they make and empower them to make informed decisions.

IT applied to manage environmental pollution
22 May, 2013
Panasonic Corporation (Japan) and Silver Sea Company – Hanel Group is implementing bilateral projects between the Vietnam’s and Japan’s Governments on environmental management, disaster warnings by images using new technologies in a number of provinces and cities in Vietnam.

Green Transport Initiative in Vietnam
22 May, 2013
Department of Environment under the Ministry of Transport in collaboration with the Environment Operations Center ADB held a workshop to collect suggestions for green freight pilot project in Vietnam.
At the conference, Ms. Naeeda Crishna Environment Operation Center ADB presented the contents of green freight pilot project in Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS), including Vietnam. The project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from freight sector through the deployment of new technology to equip for vehicles, improving financial access for new car technologies as well as driving behaviors.

Program for National Green Environment launched
24 May, 2013
To facilitate the implementation of environmental protection for businesses all over the country, the Vietnam Association of Nature and Environment Conservation Journal of Food and Health and Vnpaco media co-organized a programme named “For a national green environment” to select and honor good practice businesses”.

Youth for Environmental Action
31 May, 2013
Responding to the World Environment Day on 5 June, in the city of Da Lat (Lam Dong province), the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union in collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment launched a program titled “Youth for environmental action.”

Issue No.09/2013 (01-15 May, 2013)


Dioxin Decontamination to save the earth, save the people
04 May, 2013
“Dioxin remains as a sad remnants of war. The environmental remediation and burying dioxin hotspots are urgently essential for both health and livelihoods of people and the environment” said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Ke Son, Director of Office of the National Steering Committee on recovering consequences of AO/dioxin in Viet Nam (Office 33).

Efforts of Vietnam Government in reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation
13 May, 2013
Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) in developing countries is the global initiative, which has been discussed at the 13rd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP13) held by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It has been built-in Bali’s Action Plan since 2007. Vietnam has been chosen and supported by REDD program of United Nations (UN-REDD) to be the pilot country for implementing REDD national strategy since 2009. Action plan will last until 2020.

Launching Workshop of Project on elimination of ozone depleting substances
14 May, 2013
The Launching Workshop of the Project on management plan for eliminating HCFCs in Vietnam has recently been held in Ho Chi Minh City by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in collaboration with the World Bank (WB).

The Project on Management Plan for HCFCs elimination (ozone depleting substances) in Vietnam was carried out by the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund in accordance with the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.

Efforts of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in eliminating ozone-depleting substances
15 May, 2013
Hydro chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) is the substance which causes serious damages to ozone layer, However, in Vietnam, this substance is widely used in foam manufacturing industry with approximately 7,000 tons, in freezer and air conditioner manufacturing with more than 3,000 tons. According to statistics of Department of Meteorology, Hydrology and Climate Change, under Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, there are about 70 businesses producing foam, 30 businesses producing freezers for cold storage, 10 businesses producing air conditioners and more than 400 businesses processing seafood with cold storage. It is noticeable that the majority of these businesses own relatively outdated production technology.


Clean energy created from agricultural waste product and by – product in Vietnam
13 May, 2013

Biological energy made from biomass is attracting everyone’s attention in Vietnam.

Agricultural waste product and by-product
Using agricultural waste product to create electricity is not only a source of useful and available energy, but it also makes significant contribution to protect the environment. Therefore, if it can be salvaged, the farmers will have additional income to get rich from things which are considered as waste because the demand of purchasing agricultural waste like straw, rice husk, corn – cob… is very large.


Vietnam: To improve the capacity of research and supervision on climate change
11 May, 2013
By 2020, Official Section of Communist Party and Government have set up target to improve the capacity of disasters forecasting and climate change monitoring; build up active society in disaster prevention and climate change adaptation; thereby reducing annual loss of people and properties caused by natural disasters.

1 million Vietnamese young people will be propagated about climate change
14 May, 2013
The Centre for Marine life Conservation and Community Development (MCD) in collaboration with the ministries, branches and People’s Committees of provinces implement have set objectives for the “Green Lighthouse” Program: In order to raise awareness about response to climate change for communities, particularly coastal communities; one million of young people, students of 28 coastal provinces and cities across the country will be propagated about climate change post within the next year.


Heavy metal pollution remain a major challenge
18 Apr, 2013
Currently, in addition to focal pollution causes (radioactive materials, biological pollution, plant protection chemicals, etc.) heavy metals contamination by such chemicals as As, Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr emissions from increasing, industrial and mining activities are posing a major challenge for developing countries like Vietnam. Hazards stemming from heavy metals are increasingly threatening to the soil, water and air environment, while solutions are only restricted top temporary measures.

The risk of probable pollution

Issue No.18/2012 (16-30 September, 2012)


Promoting cleaner rural industrial production
21 Sep, 2012
The efficiency of rural industrial production activities is undeniable as they have created large amounts of jobs for rural workers and made a big contribution to the State budget and local economic development. The biggest problem of this production method, however, is environmental pollution. For example, over past years the environmental pollution in Hanoi’s 272 craft villages has become a big problem. Polluted air including Carbon dioxide (CO2), Ammonia (NH3) and Methane (CH4) originating from craft villages processing foodstuff, making hats, rattan products and toothpicks and dying fibers have not only badly affected the environment but also increased ill health in craft villages, especially among those of working age.

US says to help clear dioxin from Da Nang airport by 2016
26 Sep, 2012
The Joint Advisory Committee on Agent Orange set up by Vietnam and the US said at a conference in Hanoi last week that Da Nang Airport would be cleared of Agent Orange in four years.

Jennifer Orme Zalaveta, director of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s National Exposure Research Laboratory and co-chair of the meeting, said the clean-up would start after the monsoon next year, news website VnExpressreported.

VND4.6 trillion earmarked for National Highway 20 upgrade
20Sep, 2012
The Ministry of Transport has agreed to provide VND4.6 trillion (US$220.8 million) for the maintenance and upgrade of National Highway 20 the main arterial route between the Central Highlands and the Southeast.

The fund will be used to upgrade over 120 kilometres of the highway from the Dau Giay intersection in Dong Nai province to Bao Loc city in Lam Dong province.

Nam Dinh actively adapts to climate change
21 Sep, 2012
Nam Dinh Province has promoted the adoption of a livelihood model to actively adapt to climate change after witnessing adverse affects to Xuan Thuy National Park’s estuarine area in recent years.

The effect of climate change

Norway helps Vietnam cope with climate change
24 Sep, 2012
The Vietnam Red Cross in coordination with its Norway partner organized a seminar in Hanoi from September 24-26 to share experience in disaster risk reduction (DRR).

Present at the seminar were representatives from the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Education and Training, the Norway Embassy, Red Cross organsiations from Vietnam, China, and Norway, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and other international organizations involved in DRR in Vietnam.

Clean Up the World campaign launched
18 Sep, 2012
VietNamNet Bridge – The central city of Da Nang gave its Clean Up the World campaign a bumper start on Saturday, with over 5,000 volunteers turning out for the official launch.

The campaign, which started in Australia in 1993 under the theme “Our Place … Our Planet… Our responsibility” saw local people collecting rubbish on beaches and planting trees to brighten up districts.

No serious environmental pollution by 2020
28 Sep, 2012
Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Bui Cach Tuyen said that there would be no serious environmental pollution by 2020 on the sidelines of a conference recently held in Hanoi to discuss plans to crack down on businesses that seriously pollute the environment.

Deputy Minister Bui Cach Tuyen said that after more than nine years of the implementation of Prime Ministerial Decision 64/2003/QD-TTg on approving the plan to deal with businesses that seriously pollute the environment, 370 out of 439 establishments (accounting for 84.3 percent) in the first period from 2003-2007 completed measures to end their serious pollution.

Issue No.17/2012 (01-15 September, 2012)


Trillions of Dong vanishes into the air, craft villages remain seriously polluted
13 Sep, 2012
A big budget has been allocated every year to fix the environmental problems. However, observers say if the huge sums of money cannot be spent in a reasonable way, the current situation would never be improved.

The government has approved the national program on pollution settlement and environment protection in 2012-2015, under which the 47 most seriously polluted craft villages would be dealt with first. Meanwhile, 100 percent of the existing craft villages have been found as polluted at different levels, which have turned into the big threat to people’s health and put a hard pressure on the society.


PPP – the “lifebuoy” for recycled energy projects
01 Sep, 2012
VietNamNet Bridge – Private Public Partnership (PPP) is believed to be the best solution for developing recycled energy projects. However, in Vietnam, both the two partners – private investors and the state – still cannot find a common voice to follow the model.

The Prime Minister’s Decision No. 71 released in 2010 officially kicked off the operation of the PPP model. However, PPP in Vietnam has been facing too many difficulties.—the–lifebuoy–for-recycled-energy-projects.html


Hoi An launches car-free campaign
10 Sep, 2012
The central city of Hoi An on Sept. 9 launched its first Car Free Day campaign, coinciding with its annual Nature Day in which over 5,000 people participated.

The ancient city was the first city in Vietnam to host a Car Free Day in an effort to make the environment in thetourism hub cleaner.

Participants rode on bicycles and pedicabs around thecity’s old quarter to raise awareness about environmental protection among local people and tourists.


Climate is a hot topic
04 Sep, 2012
A major international agriculture, food security and climate change conference will take place in Hanoi this week. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) in close collaboration with the Netherlands, the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Bank will organize “The second Global Conference on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change” from September 3-7, 2012 in Melia Hotel in Hanoi.

Vietnam most seriously affected by climate change: UN
05 Sep, 2012
VietNamNet Bridge – Within the next 30 years, Vietnam will be among 30 “extreme risk” countries affected by climate change, says the United Nation in Vietnam in its recent fact sheet on climate change.

The conclusion was based on the Climate Change Vulnerability Index (CCVI), which evaluates 42 social, economic and environmental factors to assess national vulnerabilities across three core areas, namely exposure to climate-related natural disasters and sea-level rise; human sensitivity, in terms of population patterns, development, natural resources, agricultural dependency and conflicts; and future vulnerability considering the adaptive capacity of a country’s government and infrastructure to address climate change effects.–un.html

Climate Change: The Vietnam would face ” extreme risk”
05 Sep, 2012
Thirty countries including Vietnam were classified as being in the” extreme risk” in the 30 years due to the consequences of climate change.

This conclusion of the UN was given after an assessment of the vulnerability index to climate change (CCVI), which includes 42 factors.

The UK continues to support Vietnam’s climate change agenda
11 Sep, 2012
On the special occasion of the 39th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the UK (September 11, 1973 – September 11, 2012), Vietnam Economic News’ Nguyen Huong talked with Fiona Louis Lappin, Head of the Department for International Development (DFID) Vietnam, about the UK Government’s support for Vietnam in the field climate change.

What plans does the British Government currently have to support Vietnam in the field of climate change?

To cope with climate change and disaster risk in Son Ha
12 Sep, 2012
Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) in combination with Plan International Non-Government Organization has recently committed VND 01 billion to fund the project of strengthening the rehabilitation ability to cope with climate change and disaster risk in 04 mountainous communes of Son Ha district.


Da Nang hosts ‘World Cleanup 2012’ campaign
11 sep, 2012
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has announced that the ‘World Cleanup 2012’ campaign with the message ‘Our Lives-Our Planet-Our Responsibility’ will be launched globally in a series of cleanups that will touch all continents and bring together millions of people on September 14-16.

In Vietnam, the event will take place in a park along the Han Riverside in Da Nang City on September 15.

Scientists want more green space
13 Sep, 2012
Faced with the global problem of climate change, HCM City should adopt comprehensive measures to develop its green space to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, an academic has said.

Dr Che Dinh Ly, deputy director of the HCM City National University’s Institute of Environment and Natural Resources, told a seminar called “Develop urban green space in the situation of climate change” held in the city last Friday that there should be more incentives for building garden houses, planting trees at home, and protect trees in public spaces.

Issue No.16/2012 (16-31 August, 2012)


First dioxin-contaminated hotspot erased
21 Aug, 2012
Phu Cat airbase in the central province of Binh Dinh has become the first hotspot in Vietnam to be free from dioxin contamination following a closing ceremony of a landfill site on August 18.

The dumpsite, that is used to isolate dioxin or a.k.a. Agent Orange, is part of a US$5 million project jointly funded by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Global Environment Facility (GEF).

Vietnam Petroleum Institute contributes to oil and gas exploitation
28 Aug, 2012
Over the past 35 years of development, Vietnam Petroleum Institute, under Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group, has conducted many scientific research programs for effective oil and gas exploitation, and oil refinement. Many of them are of state level and have contributed considerably to national development and national defence.

Public needs full picture on adapting to climate change
23 Aug, 2012
Dr Richard Pachauri, chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, spoke to Viet Nam News about the local impacts of global warming.

What are the environmental challenges that Viet Nam needs to address immediately?

In the case of Viet Nam, based on what we have assessed in our report (the IPCC report on managing the risks of extreme events and disasters) rising sea levels are a serious problem.

Poor urban planning to blame for climate change affects
24 Aug, 2012
Roads in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City face serious flooding after heavy rains, which while often blamed on climate change, are in fact, the result of loopholes in urban planning.

Speaking with DTiNews, Dr. Bach Tan Sinh from the Ministry of Science and Technology’s National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy Studies said that integrating climate change adaptation issues into urban planning remains a pressing issue in Vietnam.

Australia helps Viet Nam cope with climate change
24 Aug, 2012
A US$15.8 million programme will be conducted to help Vietnamese communities to deal with the impacts of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions over two and a half years, according to the Australian Embassy yesterday.

The project is a new partnership between Australia with six international organisations, including the Australian Red Cross Society, CARE Australia, the Environmental Defense Fund, Oxfam Australia, Save the Children Australia and SNV Netherlands Development Organisation.

Poor urban planning to blame for climate change affects
27 Aug, 2012
Roads in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City face serious flooding after heavy rains, which while often blamed on climate change, are in fact, the result of loopholes in urban planning.

Dr. Bach Tan Sinh from the Ministry of Science and Technology’s National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy Studies said that integrating climate change adaptation issues into urban planning remains a pressing issue in Vietnam.

Deep-rooted grass key in countering climate change
30 Aug, 2012
Experts and scientists have underlined the importance of planting vertiver grass to prevent erosion, curb pollution and stabilise river banks and sea dykes, paramount in Viet Nam’s battle against sea erosion.

The scientists said at a conference held in central Da Nang City yesterday that vertiver grass had been planted worldwide and was used to protect the 3,200-km Ho Chi Minh Highway from landslides in the wet season.

Vietnam faces climate change risks
31 Aug, 2012
Viet Nam ranks 23rd among 193 nations listed in the Climate Change Vulnerability Index (CCVI), according to the Special Report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation (SREX).

The country also belongs to the group of 30 countries to face huge danger triggered by climate change. These mentioned countries are characterized by poverty, high population and their agriculture is often affected seriously by flood and draught.

The National Action Plan on Environment Protection gathered input
23 Aug, 2012
A workshop was held on August 22nd to collect opinions on the The National Action Plan on Environment Protection. MONRE deputy minister Bui Cach Tuyen chaired the workshop.

The National Action Plan on Environment Protection has been devised by the General Administration of Environment. It is a way to execute the National Environment Protection Strategy to 2020 with vision to 2030 already submitted to the Prime Minister and pending approval.

Issue No.15/2012 (1-15 August, 2012)

Iron mines bring environment pollution, unemployment and hunger

09 Aug, 2012
VietNamNet Bridge – Local residents in Duyet Trung commune of Cao Bang town in Cao Bang province have been bent over with a lot of problems – food shortage, dust and smoke, and the serious environment pollution.–unemployment-and-hunger.html

Officials affirm nuclear plant’s safety
02 Aug, 2012
Vietnam will rely on the latest advances in technology to ensure that its first nuclear power plant meets the highest possible safety standards, said deputy minister of Science and Technology Le Dinh Tien at a conference to improve communication about nuclear power on Thursday.

The plant, which is currently being built in central Ninh Thuan Province, will be hundreds of times safer than the world’s first reactors, which were built in the 1950s.

Preference policy given for atomic energy development
10 Aug, 2012
VietNamNet Bridge – To attract talented people into atomic energy development, those working in the area are being given red carpet treatment, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan told participants in the 3rd meeting of the National Steering Committee on training human resources in the field in the capital city yesterday, Aug 9.

Since early 2012, the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) have sent 60 officials and lecturers specialising in the field of atomic energy to attend short training courses in Russia and Hungary.

HCM City plans to ban old motorbikes in circulation
08 Aug, 2012
VietNamNet Bridge – The HCM City People’s Committee has assigned the city’s police and relevant branches to draft the document stipulating the minimum requirements motorbikes must have to be eligible for being put into circulation.

Old motorbikes – the culprit that causes pollution
The HCM City Police has been assigned to draft the regulations on the maximum usage time for motorcycles and tricycles.

Old motorbikes to be checked for emissions
13 Aug, 2012
Old motorbikes will be checked once a year to ensure they are not producing excessive levels of exhaust fumes, according to a proposal by the Viet Nam Register.

The proposal is expected to be submitted to the Ministry of Transport by the end of this month, and will then be passed to the Prime Minister for approval. If accepted, the new scheme will begin in the middle of next year.

Finland funds climate change mitigation project in Quang Tri
01 Aug, 2012
More than EUR153,000 will be spent on the second phase of a project to mitigate the impact of climate change on agricultural production in sandy areas of Quang Tri province.

This figure was announced at a ceremony on July 31 to launch the second phase to be implemented in Hai Que, Trieu Van and Trieu Giang communes from July 2012 to June 2014. The first phase of the project was implemented from 2009 to 2011.

Climate change to attack infrastructure
01 Aug, 2012
Climate change is to leave its mark on Vietnam’s road and hydro-electricity development.

A Danish study has estimated that climate change would cost Vietnam nearly $60 billion, or 21.6 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) by 2050, tantamount to over half of the country’s GDP in 2011.

Minimizing the impact of climate change on economic growth
07 Aug, 2012
The average temperature in Vietnam is expected to increase by 1.5-2 degrees Celsius by 2050 and this will partially affect economic growth in Vietnam, according to a recently-announced research paper release in Hanoi on the impact of climate change on economic development and growth in Vietnam by the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), Vietnam’s Central Institute of Economic Management (CIEM), the Copenhagen University and the World Institute for Development Economics Research.

Climate change and forecasts for the future

Climate change to have negative impact on Vietnam
08 Aug, 2012
According to an international report on the effects of climate change on economic growth and development in Vietnam, climate change will have a serious negative impact and might cause damages of upto US$40 billion in Vietnam during the period 2007-2050.

The report was brought out by the Central Institute for Economic Management, the Copenhagen University in Denmark and the World Institute for Development Economic Research.

Legal framework for climate change adaptation
14 Aug, 2012
Vietnam will have a legal framework to address climate change seriously affecting the economy and the country’s natural resources.

At a seminar held in Hanoi on August 9 by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, and the International Development Law Organization (IDLO), Vice Minister Tran Hong Ha said that Vietnam was among the countries most affected by this phenomenon.

Issue No.10/2012 (16-31 May, 2012)

Vietnam airport world’s most dioxin contaminated place
21 May, 2012
The Bien Hoa military airport in the southern province of Dong Nai has the world’s highest Agent Orange/dioxin contamination level, a meeting heard Thursday. The office of the national steering committee tasked with handling the consequences of toxic chemical used by the US during the Vietnam War (Office 33) reported at the meeting that theairport has more than ten hectares of heavily polluted soil.Dioxin has entered local water species and food chains, it said.

Pollution levels raise public concern
23 May, 2012
VietNamNet Bridge – People in Viet Nam have rising concerns about the effects of the environment on their health and well being, a survey released recently by market research firm Cimigo has found. Pollution has residents in Ha Noi and HCM City particularly worried.
“Seventy-five per cent of people surveyed describe their physical environment as their top concern for ‘healthy living,'” Cimigo managing director Joe Wheller said.

No one takes responsibility for dirty air
28 May, 2012
The recent reports released by different institutions all affirmed that Hanoi is the city with the worst air in South East Asia. However, no report pointed out which agency has to take responsibility for the dirty air.Hanoi is one of the cities in the world which has the most polluted air in Asia. Vietnam ranks the 123rd among 132 countries in terms of air quality. The ranking was released at the Davos Economic Forum.

Biofuels to be compulsory nationwide since 2013
16 May, 2012
According to the draft decision by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, E5 petrol would be compulsory since December 1st, 2013 in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Hai phong, Da Nang, Can tho, Quang ngai and Ba Ria – Vung Tau.
From June 1st, 2015 on, it is mandatory to use E5 bio petrol nationwide. E10 would be refilled in the above mentioned localities since June 1st, 2015 and would be used nationwide since December 1st, 2016.

Bio-fuel use to be compulsory by 2015
17 May, 2012
Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai on Tuesday ordered the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) to make the schedule to use bio-fuel compulsorily by next year.
Addressing a meeting in the capital to consider the compulsory timetable for mixing bio-petrol with traditional fuel, Hai asked the MoIT to collect ideas from participants and evaluate the policy’s possible effects.

Coal shortage may affect power sector: Vinacomin
18 May, 2012
Vinacomin, or the Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Corporation, said in a conference held by the General Department of Energy yesterday that it cannot afford the coal supply for the power sector, adding that the country may face power shortages in 2015 due to a short supply of coal.
According to the Vietnam Energy Association (VEA), thermal-power plants fueled by coal account for nearly 50 percent of the country’s total number of power plants. This means that the power supply is heavily reliant on coal supply, which is, however, most likely to face a shortage in the future.

Exhibition promotes energy efficiency
24 May, 2012
VietNamNet Bridge – Nearly 100 businesses are showcasing their products at the fourth Environment and Energy Tech Hanoi 2012 (ENTECH Hanoi) that opened in Hanoi on May 23.
On display at the 200 booths are energy-saving products and equipment using advanced and environmentally friendly technology such as solar water tanks, solar batteries, and small hydroelectric plants.

Vietnam may cut fuel prices for second time within a month
25 May, 2012
The Ministry of Finance is considering lowering fuel prices for the second time in a month after global oil prices continued to fall, local media reported Sunday.
The ministry’s Price Control Department is following world prices closely to come up with a decision, according to a Tuoi Tre newspaper report. It said that with import tariffs on fuel products still at low levels, officials may lower retail prices and increase taxes at the same time.


HCM City to allow advertising on public buses
May 29, 2012
Authorities in HCM City plan to allow advertisement on public buses in order to help reduce the huge subsidies provided for the serviceThe city has spent huge amounts of money on building hundreds of public bus routes with thousands of vehicles that have served hundreds of millions of passengers per year since 2003. However, revenues from the service have been too modest compared to the investment, in addition to mounting subsidies.


UNDP report on climate change issued in Hanoi
18 May, 2012
People in the Asia-Pacific region, especially the poor, have to face the complex impact of climate change including changes in precipitation, drought, flooding, extreme weather events and sea-level rise.
This was said by the UNDP Deputy Country Director, Bakhodir Burkhanov, when he presented the 2012 Asia-Pacific Human Development Report entitled “One planet to share – Sustaining human progress in a changing climate” in Hanoi on May 15.

Climate change and some recent impact images in Viet Nam
28 May, 2012
Climate change often referred to global warming, a long-term changes in weather, including phenomena such as increased temperatures, increased precipitation, wind, and storms. The phenomenon of climate change is caused by the accumulation of emissions causing the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. Emissions causing greenhouse gases emitted from burning fossil fuels, burning of forest land for production and other agricultural activities. Emissions causing the greenhouse effect are well known.

Earth Stories Project” Seminar: Introducing handbook guide for climate change stories
31 May, 2012
A seminar entitled “Introducing handbook guide for climate change stories” under the Earth Stories Project by the Challenge to Change (CtC) and WWF in Vietnam was opened at West Lake Villa on May 30th 2012.
The “Earth stories project” by the Challenge to Change (CtC) and WWF in Vietnam aims to raise communication efficiency on climate change by telling stories, using our common ability to observe to realize the relationship between climate change and humans.


Vietnamese students win first prize in Intel ISEF 2012
21 May, 2012
Three Vietnamese students have been awarded first prize at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) 2012 in the field of biology.
The prizewinners include Tran Bach Trung, Bui Thi Quynh Trang and Vu Anh Vinh, all from the Hanoi-Amsterdam High School.Their project named “Desalination by Using Solar Power and Vacuum Technique for Daily Use” was appraised as having minimal environmental impact, low cost and being easily deployed in the community.

Green Growth Strategy to be submitted this June
24 May, 2012
The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) has been working with other relevant ministries to draft a Green Growth Strategy for Vietnam by 2020 which will be submitted to the Government this June.
The strategy aimed to restructure and change the country’s growth model, effectively using natural resources to increase the competitiveness of the economy, create jobs and improve people’s living standards, while coping with climate change and contributing to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, said Le Duc Chung from the MPI’s Sustainable Development and Climate Change project.

Quang Ninh hosts activities for World Environment Day
30 May, 2012
Activities in response to World Environment Day (WED) and the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All will be held on Sunday and Monday at Halong City, Quang Ninh Province.
According to the People’s Committee of Quang Ninh Province, it is expected that 500 people, including the leaders of Party, State, ministries and representatives from United Nations agencies and international development organizations in Vietnam will join in a national meeting responding to WED from 6:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Sunday at Bai Chay teenagers’ camping site in Halong City. The event will be live broadcasted on VTV1 channel of Vietnam Television.

Issue No.09/2012 (1-15 May, 2012)

Danang to Get Dioxin Clean-up
09 May, 2012
A conference was held in Hanoi on May 8 to discuss the application of heat-based destruction technology to clean up agent orange/dioxin contaminated soil at the airport in the central city of Danang. The project aims to reduce human exposure to the chemical and potential health concerns.
According to the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the technology to be used to remove dioxin poisoning at Da Nang airport has proved effective and safe in cleaning dioxin contaminated soil and sediment when applied in the US and other military zones around the world. The US is committed to the cleaning-up of the airport which is one of the major dioxin hotspots remaining in Vietnam following the war.

The cancer village engulfed in dust and smoke
13 May, 2012
VietNamNet Bridge – Tu Lac Village is spacious, and Tu Lac village’s residents are rich. However, it is a lonely village with too many people dead of cancer.
A nursery school is located on a big road with large playing field. However, no child was seen on the playing field. The teachers asked the children stay inside the classrooms and then locked the doors.

Truong Sa Clean Energy Project Proves Effective
03 May, 2012
100% of the households in Truong Sa Island District in Khanh Hoa Province can now use electricity 24 hours a day. The whole district now also has television and telephone coverage. But what’s special about the electricity generated in the island district is that the power is generated by wind and solar power.
Watching Television might be normal in many other places. But on these remote islands, having access to electricity is of special significance. Thanks to a 21-million-US-dollar clean energy project which became operational in 2009, Truong Sa has been the first district in the country to use clean energy sources.

Just 5 pct renewable energy exploited in Vietnam
06 May, 2012
Vietnam only exploited 5 percent of its renewable energy potential and the Government sets the target to increase to figure to 11 per cent by 2050.
Huge potential
Vietnam is situated in the tropical zone with up to around 2,000-2,500 hours of sunshine per year. The average solar energy density is about 150 kCal per cm2, equivalent to 43.9 million tons of oil per year.

Viet Nam to spend $4mil on energy efficiency and cleaner production
10 May, 2012
Viet Nam is expected to save over 90,000 tonnes of oil while cutting its CO2 emissions by more than 1,200 tonnes thanks to a US$4 million project on cleaner production and energy efficiency.
The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) and the Global Environment Facility will carry out the Clean Production and Energy Efficiency Project from 2012-16, said the MoIT recently.

Vinacomin seeks increase in coal price for electricity production
11 May, 2012
Vietnam National Coal and Minerals Industries Group (Vinacomin) has recently submitted its proposal to relevant ministries to increase coal price for electricity plants step by step and bring the coal price close to the market price by the end of 2012 to cover its production costs, according to the local newspaper Thoi Bao Kinh Te Saigon (Saigon Economic Times).
According to Nguyen Van Bien, Vinacomin’s deputy general director, the increase of coal price for power sector this year is suggested at 25-30 percent, however this is only the proposal of Vinacomin and the final decision will be made by relevant ministries.

Vietnam urged to diversify energy sources
14 May, 2012
VietNamNet Bridge – To resolve the scarcity of energy, France and developing countries such as Vietnam need to diversify and develop all sources of energy, including nuclear, renewable and fossil energies.
The statement was confirmed by Christian Ngo, former scientific director of the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in a seminar on energy strategy in France, held in Pantheon-Sorbonne, Paris on May 12.

Bikes make comeback as urban transport
03 May, 2012
VietNamNet Bridge – More and more people in Ha Noi are returning to riding bicycles instead of motorbikes as a way to save money and get exercise.
Ho Anh Tu, owner of a bicycle shop on Ba Trieu Street, said he sells about 30 units per day, doubling his sales from last year.

How Do Enterprises Respond to Climate Change?
03 May, 2012
How businesses respond to climate change was the question and theme presented at the Enterprises and Climate Change Training Course recently co-organized and funded by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Business Council for Sustainable Development of Vietnam and the Center for Environment Research, Education and Development.
Global climate change has negatively affected the country’s socioeconomic development and local enterprises have also borne the brunt. In a recent business survey, nearly 30 percent of domestic enterprises agreed that climate change had heavily affected their businesses. However, there is evidence that some aspects of climate change are the product of the businesses own actions

Binh Dinh calls for ideas on climate change
04 May, 2012
A programme calling for initiatives from young people on how to adapt to climate change issues was organised in Quy Nhon city of the central province of Binh Dinh on April 27.
Jointly held by Challenge to Change, a non-governmental organisation of the UK and the Co-ordination Office for Climate Change in Binh Dinh province, the programme is being implemented in the central cities of Da Nang and Quy Nhon and southern Can Tho city, which are liable to be affected by climate change.

CDIA supports Haiphong to be prepared for climate change
04 May, 2012
Recently, Standing Vice Chairman of Haiphong People’s Committee Dan Duc Hiep presided the working session with the delegation of Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA) on technical supports to the pre-feasibility study of the drainage and climate change preparedness project in Duong Kinh and Do Son districts.

Vietnam targets 20 percent reduction in emissions
04 May, 2012
Vietnam will attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent in the agriculture and forestry sectors by 2020, according to a plan being developed by the Ministry of National Resources and Environment. Experts at a conference on May 3 in Hanoi discussed the plan, which is expected to cost 208 billion VND (9.9 million USD) and has adopted 2005 as the base year for comparisons.
“The draft plan will be completed by the end of this month and then submitted to the Government for approval,” said Tran Hong Ha, Deputy Minister of National Resources and Environment.

Delta faces dire climate impacts
07 May, 2012
The Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta needs to take prompt and drastic measures to deal with the steadily worsening problem of landslides and erosion, experts warn. The problem gains added urgency as the region is highly susceptible to climate change impacts, including rising sea levels, in the coming years, they say.
They also say that one of the solutions that cannot be postponed is the building and strengthening of embankments and sea dykes in the most vulnerable localities.

Climate change impacts on energy, transport assessed
07 May, 2012
International and domestic experts have jointly assessed the impact of climate change on energy and transport as part of the first phase of a US$2.5-million project funded by the Asian Development Bank.
The two-phase initiative, kicked off in early March, aims to provide technical assistance towards the National Target Programme on Climate Change.

Activities celebrate 2012 World Environment Day
09 May, 2012
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will coordinate with Vietnam General Confederation of Labour and Quang Ninh provincial People’s Committee to organise activities marking 2012 World Environment Day (June 5) in the northern province.
Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Bui Cach Tuyen said that Quang Ninh’s Ha Long city was chosen to host the day because of its great potential in natural resources and environment. The World Heritage area was also recently selected as one of seven new natural wonders.

Issue No.08/2012 (16-30 April, 2012)

Vietnam’s first wind farm goes on line
19 Apr, 2012
VietNamNet Bridge – A wind farm went into operation on April 18 in the central province of Binh Thuan’s Tuy Phong District, the first of its kind in Vietnam.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc praised the efforts of the province and the Vietnam Renewable Energies Joint Stock Company for caring out the work.

Largest solar power station built in Vietnam
24 Apr, 2012
Intel Products Vietnam heralded a grand opening of the largest solar power station in Vietnam at the Saigon High-Tech Park on April 23.
After nearly five months of construction and a cost of approximately US$1.1 million, the new solar power station is expected to supply about 30 per cent of Intel’s total electricity consumption in a year for the next 20 consecutive years.

Wind power hub planned for City
26 Apr, 2012
VietNamNet Bridge – A proposal to make the Can Gio Biosphere Reserve in HCM City the biggest wind power hub in the south is being drafted for submission to the People’s Committee by the Cong Ly Company.
Costing VND10 trillion (US$500 million), the wind-power plant will supply more than 200MW of electricity to the city.

Vietnam begins to produce fuel by recycling plastic waste
29 Apr, 2012
A worker gathers oil produced by recycling plastic bags April 20 at Vietnam’s first such plant in Da Nang Vietnam’s first factory to recycle solid waste into fuel and bricks has begun operations in Da Nang.
The factory, built by the Vietnam Environment JSC, produced the first batch last Friday, generating oil from plastic bags and environment-friendly coal and bricks from other kinds of garbage, news website VietNamNet reported Monday.

Hanoi plans to double traffic fines
26 Apr, 2012

LookAtVietnam – The Hanoi People’s Committee has asked the Ministry of Justice’s permission to double fines on traffic violations in the city’s inlying area and seize vehicles of illegal racers.
According to the city authorities, after raising traffic fines on some kinds of violation, on a trial basis, from May 20, 2010, to March 15, 2012, the local traffic police agency punished over 1.13 million cases, collecting nearly VND290 billion (over $14.5 million) of fines.

Four ministries release report on vehicle fires
27 Apr, 2012
LookAtVietnam – Relevant agencies have researched more than 400 vehicle fires in Vietnam and concluded that these incidents were caused by different reasons, including short circuit, traffic accident, getting fires from other sources, etc, not by under-qualified gasoline.
The report, compiled by the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Transport, was released on April 26.

Hanoi to ban parking on more roads
27 Apr, 2012
LookAtVietnam – Hanoi’s Vice Chair Nguyen Van Khoi on April 26 asked districts to propose more streets free from parking, besides the current 267 streets of this kind.
Mr. Khoi said that the model of streets free from parking, which is applied for 262 streets in the city, had proven to be effective. Without parking vehicles, these roads have become clearer and this policy is warmly supported by the people

Transport Ministry bans use of ‘unsafe” modified trucks
30 Apr, 2012
LookAtVietnam – Four types of modified trucks are to be refused from being granted their certificates for operation because of overloading highways, damaging roads and other safety risks.
These new regulations have been lined out in a new document issued by the Ministry of Transport because of the safety risks they pose and the damage they do to the nation’s roads and highways. The document took effect in the middle of last month.

Green Climate Fund to be set up in VN
16 Apr, 2012
VietNamNet Bridge – A national Green Climate Fund will soon be set up to facilitate future financial flow from the global Green Climate Fund into Viet Nam.
Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung requested the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to work with relevant finance and planning ministries to establish the fund after reviewing the United Nations COP 17 climate summit held in Durban last December.

HCM City getting increasingly warmer
16 Apr, 2012
VietNamNet Bridge – The average temperature in HCM City has been increasing rapidly and steadily in the last three decades, while the gap between the temperature of the city and neighboring areas has widened.
HCM City dwellers all say that they can clearly feel it is getting hotter and muggier. Experts have blamed this on the rapid and uncontrolled urbanization process, which has put the city under the influence of the urban heat island effect.
Hot in daytime and at night

Climate policy needs local voice
20 Apr, 2012
VietNamNet Bridge – Communities, despite playing a vital role in climate change adaptation, did not have their own voice in major dialogues, prompting a change in the way we should communicate about climate change.
Margareta Wahlstrom, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General for Disaster Risk Reduction, pointed out that although communities were often the first to be affected by natural disasters, very often they were only heard through intermediaries.

Climate change poses serious threat to Vietnam’s economy
24 Apr, 2012
According to estimates, climate change has caused a 2% loss in GDP because of property damage, and the threat of much higher losses looms as the earth warms.
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment announced their estimates on April 19, at the 6th International conference on community-based adaptation to climate change (CBA – 6), in Hanoi.

Issue No.06/2012 (16-31 March, 2012)

Air quality improvement to be discussed
20 Mar, 2012
A symposium themed, “Air Quality Improvement and Urban Transport: Best Practice and Cooperative Projects” will be held in Hanoi on March 21. Talking with the press on March 19 in Hanoi, Director of UBIFRANCE Trade Agency of the French Embassy in Hanoi Marc Cagnard said that France wants to develop its trade, industry and technology relations with Vietnam.
The symposium, sponsored by the French Embassy and the Vietnam Ministry of Natura

Vietnam – France seminar to discuss air quality and urban transport
21 Mar, 2012
A seminar titled “Air quality improvement and urban transport: Best practice and cooperative projects” will be held in Hanoi on March 21. The seminar, held under the auspices of the French Embassy in Vietnam and the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, will be an important event to promote environmental research and Vietnam-France cooperation in this area.

Transport vehicles are the culprit that cause air pollution in urban areas
22 Mar, 2012
The air quality of Vietnam’s urban centers has been degrading with the pollution reaching alarming levels in some areas, many areas of environmental pollution problems have been at an alarming rate. In major cities, road motor vehicles are the main culprit causing air pollution problems. Nguyen Hoang Duc, a senior official of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MONRE) said on Dai Doan Ket newspaper that the air pollution in urban areas caused by the transport vehicles accounts for 70-80

US, VN agree on cutting emissions
23 Mar, 2012
The governments of the United States and Viet Nam yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding on a Low Emission Development Strategy in Ha Noi. The signing was held with the participation of the US Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and Environment Robert Hormats and the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Nguyen Minh Quang. Under the memorandum, Vietnamese and US experts would join hands in developing a national greenhouse gas inventory system, identifying sources of emissions for analysis to encourage energy efficiency and production of renewable energy while optimising agricultural and forest production.

Noise pollution tortures urbanites
25 Mar, 2012
LookAtVietnam – The improper and spontaneous hooting of many car drivers annoys millions of people in traffic and urban dwellers. Vietnamese people now have to live together with the serious noise pollution.
One month ago, a representative of Ford Vietnam, an automobile manufacturer, in the conversation with reporters, revealed that he was preparing for the “no horn” campaign to be launched in Vietnam.

Capital’s air still worst in SE Asia
26 Mar, 2012
Four years ago, experts declared that the air in urban Ha Noi was the most polluted in South East
Asia. Since then an increasing number of cars and motorbikes has led to an assessment that they are
creating 70 per cent of the dust, nitric oxides and sulphur compounds found in the city’s air. Acting director of the Environment Observation Centre, Nguyen Van Thuy, announced this at a workshop on Air Quality Improvement and Urban Transport held by the French Embassy on Wednesday.

Hundreds of villagers protest against factory pollution
26 Mar, 2012
Hundreds of local people protested against two steel companies over pollution in Hoa Vang District, Danang Province. Having had enough of both noise and air pollution from the facilities’ around- the-clock operations of Dana-Y and Pacific Steel Companies, more than 300 locals from Van Duong 2 Village, in Hoa Lien Commune, assembled outside two companies on March 24 to call for its closure.…Residents say they have sent a number of complaints to authorities at many different levels, but they have not
been answered

No one takes responsibility for dirty air
27 Mar, 2012
LookAtVietnam – The recent reports released by different institutions all affirmed that Hanoi is the city with the worst air in South East Asia. However, no report pointed out which agency has to take responsibility for the dirty air. Hanoi is one of the cities in the world which has the most polluted air in Asia. Vietnam ranks the 123rd among 132 countries in terms of air quality. The ranking was released
at the Davos Economic Forum.

Latest renewable energy technology exhibited
23 Mar, 2012
Scientists and businesses involved in renewable energy are flocking to an international exhibition to learn about advanced technology in renewable energy production from around the world. Co-organised by the Ministry of Science and Technology’s National Technology and Science Information Department and Messe Munchen, the second international exhibition on renewable energy will run until Friday at the Ha Noi International Exhibition Centre, 91 Tran Hung Dao Street.

Ha Noi traffic ‘a planning headache”
16 Mar, 2012
LookAtVietnam – Traffic congestion in Ha Noi has long been a problem, and urban planners are struggling to find immediate strategies or a long-term solution to address the issue. Experts at a workshop yesterday, March 15, in Ha Noi jointly held by the ministries of Construction and Transport and Health Bridge Canada said they did not expect an improvement in the next five or 10 years if traffic infrastructure did not change.

Proposal to increase fines on traffic offenders
22 Mar, 2012
During an online meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on Wednesday, representatives of provinces and cities proposed an increase on the penalty amount on traffic law offenders According to Dinh La Thang, Minister of Transport, a staggering 1,940 traffic accidents were reported nationwide in the first two months of this year, killing 1,665 people and injuring 1,481.

Transport Minister proposes higher fees on personal vehicles
22 Mar, 2012
VietNamNet Bridge – While the “personal vehicle circulation fee” is still a controversy, Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang has suggested calling it as “personal vehicle restriction fee” and to raise the fee by five percent per annum. The suggestion is mentioned in a Ministry of Transport’s report on traffic fees, recently sent to Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.

Hanoi’s public transport use among the lowest in Asia
25 Mar, 2012
Hanoi is one of the Asian cities with the lowest rate of public transport utilization, according to a press briefing on Monday to introduce the symposium on air quality in Hanoi. With some four million personal vehicles, Hanoi is facing severe congestion and extreme pollution, heard the press briefing held by the French Agency for International Business Development (Ubifrance) on Monday.

Road, sea, and air transport costs rising, following the fuel price hike
27 Mar, 2012
LookAtVietnam – The fuel price increase commencing from mid March 2012, has triggered a new price wave. Road, sea air transport service providers all have announced the fee increases After enterprises raised the shipping fees, reasoning the fuel price increases, the orders from enterprises have decreased sharply.

Netherlands funds climate change project in Long An
30 Mar, 2012
LookAtVietnam – A project worth more than 365,000 euros has been launched in Long An province to
help build a strategy for climate change adaptation in the Vam Co River basin. The Netherlands committed 312,786 euros to the project and the rest of the capital came from local budget.