Clean Air Report


What is Clean Air Report

Reporting and communication are integral in the overall air quality management framework. Effective air quality communication is critical to build trust and gain support from various stakeholders who are needed to implement air quality management (AQM) measures.

Recently, there has been a strong demand for more comprehensive and reliable air quality information in Asian cities. With increasing interest in local air quality information, cities need guidance on how to prepare a city clean air report which provides the complete air quality management story and effectively shares information to its residents.

Clean air reports can be used to inform the public but the format and contents should be prepared in a manner that the general public will understand and is also accessible to the public. To encourage dialogue (two-way communication) between the public and the city/province authorities, a feedback mechanism can be established as part of the clean air reporting process.

How to Develop Clean Air Reporting


The city clean air report template developed by Clean Air Asia is composed of six chapters:
1. General Information
2. Status of Air Quality
3. Sources of Air Pollution and GHG Emissions
4. Impacts of Air Pollution and Climate Change
5. Achievements and challenges in AQM (includes priority AQM measures)
6. Stakeholders

Application in China


Partners: Hangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau, Jinan Environment Protection Research Institute, Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, Jiangsu Environmental Protection Department
Sponsor: Energy Foundation