Report shows average PM2.5 level of Chinese cities close to WHO Interim Target-1, the result of a seven-year battle for blue skies
Posted : January 14, 2021

Clean Air Asia’s latest report, China Air 2020 – Air Pollution Prevention and Control Progress in Chinese Cities, found that the air quality of Chinese cities in 2019 generally continued the trend of improvement as seen in the previous six years. The average annual mean concentration of PM2.5 of 337 Chinese cities was down to… . . Read More

A year of challenges, but hopes high for 2021
Posted : December 21, 2020

2020 has been a difficult and challenging year for everyone. Our hearts go out to the millions of people grieving the loss of loved ones, to the many who have lost their livelihoods, and to all who are suffering the hardships brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have all been affected, and we have… . . Read More

Requesting suppliers of non-reference monitors
Posted : December 15, 2020

We’re looking for suppliers of non-reference monitors for a project. We ask those interested to submit a technical proposal and price quotation for the supply of the following items: Air quality monitoring instruments/system. Please provide prices for the following: a) Base package (including associated equipment and accessories). b) Additional options that can be provided in… . . Read More

New policy brief tackles air quality monitoring under the new normal
Posted : December 8, 2020

The Philippines is one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in the Southeast Asian region. Since March, the country has been under community quarantine which has led to noticeable improvements in air quality in Metro Manila. People have seen blue skies without haze in the metro after many years, giving residents a glimpse… . . Read More

Stringent coal-fired power plant emission standards needed for coal-dependent South and Southeast Asian countries
Posted : October 7, 2020

Coal power capacity will continue to increase in South and Southeast Asia, increasing air pollutant and carbon dioxide emissions, if controls are not implemented. There are weak emission standards for coal-fired power plants (CFPs) in most countries in those regions, and poor enforcement of standards. This places the environment and public health at a greater… . . Read More