New World Hope Organization (NWHO)

New World Hope Organization is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious & non-governmental organization committed to sincerely serving the world by caring for individuals, families and communities, established in 1996.

The Organization is a strong exponent of a healthy and sound environment and opposed to all kinds of pollutions including air, noise and water pollution. To achieve the purpose of ridding environment of pollutions the organization beside, conducting workshops and consultations on the theme has also organized walks and peaceful rallies to aware people of how and in what ways a healthy and sound environment could enhance their productivity and efficiency on this count.
Issues on Environment and Energy.
• Environmental awareness in the rural areas.
• Tree Planting
• Parks cleaning
• Holding a number of awareness programs that concentrated on two main subjects: wastewater and solid waste.
• Conducting research on the environmental damage that results from traffic-related poisonous gasses and material.
• Organizing conferences, lectures, advocacy campaigns that aim at increasing the safety on the roads and reducing pollution.
• Presenting suggestions and recommendations to government bodies and municipalities to undertake practical precautions to prevent road accidents and environmental pollution.
• Environmental summer camps and tree planting campaigns.

Primary Contact: Shahzad Ismail
Position: General Secretary
Secondary Contact: Dr. Islam Gul

Postal address: CB-94, Land Mohabbat Abad, Barrier No.2, Wah Cantt, Punjab, Pakistan, 47040
Email #1: [email protected]
Email #2: [email protected]
Phone: 92 51 4329105
Fax: 92 51 4543317