Mitra Emisi Bersih, Jakarta, Indonesia

Mitra Emisi Bersih (MEB), or the Partnership for Clean Emission, is a non-profit organization which was formed in Jakarta to

* legitimate policy reform on air pollution in Indonesia
* strengthen of civil society, private sector, and government on air quality
* increase and improve public awareness
* guide the effectiveness of National Action Plan (NAP) on Integrated Vehicle Emission Reduction Strategy (IVERS), and
* become an information center on air pollution

MEB was established on 17 July 2002 by 170 members from different institutions: government (national and local), private sector, NGOs, civil society and universities. On 15 October 2002, MEB was officially launched by the Ministry of Environment, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, and Minister of Communication. MEB aims to improve the capacity of civil society, private sector and government in their efforts to reduce air pollution so that they will be able to influence air quality policy reforms. Several development agencies assisted in establishing MEB and they continue to provide support for its activities. These organizations include the USAID/US-Asia Environmental Partnership, the Asian Development Bank, and Swisscontact.

MEB is CAI-Asia’s local network in Indonesia.

Primary Contact: Mr. Franciscus Suseno
Position: Chairperson

Postal address: Ranuza Building, 3rd Floor, Jl. Timor 10 Menteng Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, 10510

Phone: 62-21-315 7178, 6221 8011887
Fax: 62 21 31906807, 62-21-314 2I00