Ligtas Hangin (“save the air”) campaign

Ligtas Hangin (“save the air”) campaign

In 2009, on the 10th anniversary of the Philippine Clean Air Act, Clean Air Asia and its country network – the Partnership for Clean Air (PCA) – together with partners in government, civil society and private sector, coordinated their respective activities to bring air pollution back into the public agenda. It was during the Clean Air 10 Celebration that the Ligtas Hangin campaign was formally launched.

What is “Ligtas Hangin”?

In 1999, PCA launched a “Save the Air” campaign which has since become part of the PCA logo. Now, a decade later, it seems appropriate to give the slogan a more Filipino flavor. The Filipino phrase “ligtas hangin” embodies multiple shades of meaning that cannot be as succinctly expressed in English. It can mean “save the air,” “safe air,” “rescue the air,” or “free the air.”

“Ligtas Hangin” is a broad socio-environmental campaign. It is not a new organization or initiative … it is not a political party nor is it partisan … it is not a commercial brand.

Main objectives:

  • Accurately communicate the problem of air pollution: To understand the local and global impacts of air pollution, the public needs a simple way to absorb key concepts, vocabulary, and the latest scientific findings.
  • Focus on solutions: We need to give people a menu of technology, policy and behavior options. And we need to equip them with a framework to appreciate how these solutions fit with one another.
  • Cultivate an air quality community beyond experts and specialists: Action cannot happen without people. When we speak with one voice, decision makers will listen. Because we all have one thing in common: we breathe. Air does not discriminate.

How can you join the Ligtas Hangin campaign? Is there a fee?

There are no membership or registration fees to join the campaign! Ligtas Hangin is open to all individuals and organizations that share the following values:

  1. recognize our common right to breath clean, healthy air
  2. believe that open, transparent and peaceful dialogue can effect real change
  3. acknowledge that win-win solutions do exist
  4. align their activities to support better air quality in the country
  5. tell others about the campaign (spread the word)

About the logo


The Ligtas Hangin (save the air) logo aims to give clean air a symbolic face:

  • The air swirl forms a smile, because clean air means healthy air.
  • The shape of the face can also represent a house (indoor air), the tailpipe of a vehicle (mobile sources), the silhouette of a factory (stationary sources), or the border between two territories (transboundary air pollution).
  • Air pollution is linked to climate change, so the swirl can also depict an approaching typhoon.

If you would like to use the logo on your event banner, program, or website, please contact[email protected].

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