KPBB, Indonesia

KPBB is an advocacy group for the phase-out of leaded gasoline in Indonesia since 1996. Three (3) non-governmental organizations (NGOs) namely, The Indonesia Forum for Environment – Jakarta Region, ICEL, Lemkohi, and a program of Segar Jakartaku supported the KPBB to carry out various activities to achieve the lead phase out.

To accelerate leaded gasoline phase out for whole country as well as to improve air quality in Indonesia, KPBB and its partners, used mass communication to spread information of sources of lead and air pollution, its impacts on environment and human health; shared information that leaded gasoline phase-out is a precondition to reduce vehicular emission (HC, CO, NOx and PM); conducted public education and training for youth and women, students, government, parliament members, and private sector; conducted policy dialogues among stakeholders; conducted legal efforts and formulated policies. Campaign activities included material distribution, media campaign, talk shows, press conference, long- march demonstration and or competition to gain public support for the fuel quality improvement in the framework of the air quality improvement program.

Primary Contact: Mr. Ahmad Safrudin
Position: Program Chairman

Postal address: Ranuza Building, 3rd Floor, Jl. Timor 10 Menteng Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, 10510

Phone: 62-21-3190-6807
Fax: 62-21-3190-6807
Mobile: 62 81 6897 7959
Email#1: [email protected]