Islamabad, Pakistan

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) came into existence on June 14, 1960, first by an executive order issued on June 24, 1960 entitled the Pakistan Capital Regulation, which was then superseded by the CDA ordinance issued on June 27, 1960. The CDA Ordinance constituted the Authority, laid down its charter and defined its power, duties, functions and responsibilities. Initially the administration of the Authority and its functions were handed responsibility to a board consisting of three members: the Chairman, Financial Advisor and one other Member with the commissioner Rawalpindi acting as an ex-officio Member. With time, experience and added responsibilities, the CDA board is now composed of the Chairman and Members of Planning, Finance, Administration, Estate, Environment and Engineering. Each member is in charge of various directorates comprising highly qualified, experienced and capable professionals in various fields and disciplines.

Islamabad Capital Development Authority
Primary Contact: Mr. Mazhar Hussain
Position: Director General (Environment)

Postal address: Capital Development Authority, CE Lab Building, G-7