Indonesian Cleaner Production Centre

ICPC is an initiative of the Ministry of Environment (KLH) supported by the Indonesian- German Environmental Program (ProLH). ProLH is a joint co-operation between KLH and GTZ (German Technical Co-operation). ICPC was launched at the 13 th of May 2004 in Serpong, Sarpedal/ Puspiptek.

ICPC aims at facilitating, promoting and catalyzing Cleaner Production implementation in Indonesia . In other words, it stimulates and encourages the CP market in Indonesia . The difference between ICPC and other CP Centers in the world is that ICPC is focusing not directly on companies, but concentrates on the support of service providers in implementing CP. This is done because there is already a CP market in Indonesia . It is not the intention of ICPC to disturb the already precious market of CP consultants.

Primary Contact: Rismawarni Marshal
Position: Executive Director

Postal address: Kantor Pusarpedal ( Gedung 210 ), Gedung Sarpedal PUSPIPTEK,Jl. Raya PUSPIPTEK Serpong – Banten. 15314 Indonesia

Phone: 62-21 7564080
Fax: 62-21 7564088
Email#1: [email protected]