Green Freight and Logistics

Freight accounts for 35 percent of the world’s transport energy use and is growing more rapidly than passenger transportation. In Asia, freight movement is expected to grow from 1 billion to 8 billion ton-kilometers between 2000 and 2050. Trucks comprise 5 percent of vehicles but generate up to 60 percent of transport emissions. Most countries lack effective national programs and policies, financing mechanisms, data and methodologies to support the private sector in improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions across the supply chain.

As the freight sector is highly fragmented and covers multiple modes, governments and the private sector need to collaborate nationally and regionally.

Clean Air Asia’s Green Freight and Logistics Program helped initiate the Global Green Freight Action Plan under the Climate and Clean Air Coalition’s Diesel Emissions Initiative, launching the Green Freight and Logistics agenda on to the world stage. The program continues to develop and lead green freight logistics concepts and projects in Asia, and is working towards a Regional Cooperation Agreement on Green Freight in Asia in cooperation with the United Nations Centre for Regional Development, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, and other partners.

The Green Freight and Logistics Program has three work streams:

Establishing regional and national green freight programs and initiatives: Clean Air Asia is supporting implementation of the China Green Freight Initiative and working with other governments on the development of green freight programs.

Mobilizing a Green Freight Asia Network of private sector companies and associations: Clean Air Asia helped develop and expand the Green Freight Asia Network, is developing methodologies and tools for CO2 measurement and reporting, is facilitating public and private stakeholder engagement, and is building a platform for technologies, capacity building and financing solutions.

Improve knowledge and data on the road freight sector to inform policies, programs and initiatives: To build confidence in green freight technologies and strategies, projects are being implemented in a range of countries in such areas as clean technologies and urban freight. Supporting the Environmentally Sustainable Transport Forum, a set of green freight indicators is being developed, as well as a database and processes to collect and report data from different Asian countries.

Contact Persons:

Kathleen Kathleen Dematera, Transport Program Coordinator: [email protected]
Fu Lu, China Director: [email protected]


Asian Development Bank
Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC)
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