Clean Air Asia and FECO sign MoU to improve air quality

MoU (1)


The signing of a memorandum of understanding between Clean Air Asia and the Foreign Economic Cooperation Office (FECO) of China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection on June 7 will help strengthen air-quality management in Chinese cities and the sharing of information throughout the Asia region.

The memorandum of understanding, signed at the Global Green Tech & Green Finance Summit in Beijing, is focused on collaboration in the following key areas for the coming two years:

  • Capacity building through workshops, policy research and guidance from international air-quality experts
  • Ensuring the participation of network cities at Clean Air Asia’s 2016 Better Air Quality Conference from August 29 to September 2 in Busan, South Korea, in order to communicate China’s experiences with other Asian countries, and information-sharing on international air-quality events and FECO-organized activities
  •  Clean Air Asia’s contribution to the development of Integrated, Intelligent and International Platform for Environmental Technology (3iPET)
  • Addressing the air-quality needs of developing countries and creating international projects that provide technical support for South-South collaboration

“With the health impacts of air pollution being felt most severely in Asia, improving air quality has increasingly become a priority for national and municipal governments throughout the region, “said Clean Air Asia Executive Director Bjarne Pedersen. “China’s efforts in tackling air pollution have achieved significant progress. By collaborating with FECO, Clean Air Asia will continue to support air-quality management in China and also share its experiences with other Asian countries.”

The 2016 Global Green Tech & Green Finance Summit also served as the first 3iPET annual meeting, which utilizes cyber and environmental technology to provide online and offline services that promote Chinese and foreign environmental technologies. Clean Air Asia is supporting the development of 3iPET in the field of air-quality management as a strategic partner, with a particular focus on identifying and linking FECO with national-level partners in other Asian countries, including India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

During the Summit, Clean Air Asia, FECO and eight other organizations entered into a South-South environmental collaboration partnership aimed at providing technical support for developing countries as part of the “One Belt One Road” concept, a development strategy launched by the Chinese government in 2013 that emphasizes the connection between China and other Asian regions.

“The strategic partnership substantially extends the working areas of the 3iPET through resource-sharing and win-win cooperation between partners,” said FECO Deputy Director-General Fang Li. “Under the ‘One Belt One Road’ concept, the South-South environmental collaboration partnership will help Chinese environmental companies enter the global market.”