To mobilize action at the country and local levels, Clean Air Asia works with six Country Networks and established offices in China and India. They are part of the Clean Air Asia Partnership and are organized as registered associations; as non-stock, non-profit entities; or as informal networks. Each is represented by a Clean Air Asia Country Network Coordinator.

Country Networks promote reductions in air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the transport, energy and other sectors by translating knowledge to policy and action in their respective countries. Country Networks also raise awareness, strengthen capacity for air quality management, assist in developing clean air policies, and implement pilot projects at the national and local levels.

In China, Clean Air Asia is the only international NGO fully dedicated to air quality work and one of the pioneers in city-level air quality management, having established a city network numbering 13 cities in this regard. Key programs implemented by Clean Air Asia since 2003 focus on capacity building on air quality management and the setup of green freight initiatives. Clean Air Asia China now holds office at the Diplomatic Residence Compound, and has recently expanded its staff to include a Communications Officer.

Clean Air Asia India is focused on transport, green freight and sustainable mobility work bringing projects such as the walkability study in Indian cities, the Walkability App, National bus fuel efficiency framework, Green trucks toolkit for India and its case study, online freight brokerage platform etc. Moving forward, our India Office will be engaging cities, the media and key stakeholders including non-environment NGOs in air quality work. Initially set up in 2008 as a liaison office, Clean Air Asia India is now a branch office, approved by the Reserve Bank of India.