Clean Energy Nepal (CEN)

Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) is a non-profit group conducting research based public education and advocacy campaigns to promote sustainable energy use and environmental conservation, particularly in the Kathmandu Valley.

Rapid increase in the use of fossil fuels is having a detrimental impact on environment as well as the public health of the people of Nepal. This is most visible in the case of Kathmandu where poor transportation system (including a large number of polluting vehicles, insufficient infrastructure, poor quality fuel and a weak management system), polluting industries and loss of green open spaces have had an adverse impact on air quality and is suffocating this beautiful Valley. CEN is committed to reverse this trend by launching campaigns designed to change opinions and behaviour, and induce government and citizens to act in favour of clean energy and environment.

In order to achieve this goal, CEN is involved in

* Investigating issues relevant to energy and environment, particularly in Kathmandu
* Facilitating discussions among key stakeholders
* Educating the public on the importance of these issues and what they can do about it
* Advocating for change
* Assisting in the process of change

Primary Contact: Mr. Pankaj KC
Phone: 9771 4468641
Fax: 977-1-4257481
Postal address: PO Box 24581, 108 Vinayak Marga, Kamaladi Ganeshsthan, Kathmandu, Nepal