Cities Clean Air Partnership

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Clean Air Asia recognizes that cities are on the front lines of the fight against air pollution and climate change, and that managing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are complex tasks requiring long-term commitment and multi-stakeholder actions at the city level.

CCAP aims to provide cities with incentives, direct support, and technical assistance to keep them moving incrementally and continuously towards achieving their clean air targets through the following:

City-to-City Cooperation (C3) Program The C3 program serves to promote city-to-city learning and collaboration to drive measurable results through city-level actions. The “twinning” of volunteer cities will allow exchange of effective practices and innovative solutions to help address specific air quality management challenges faced by cities.

The first set of cities partnering under the C3 program are Kitakyushu and Haiphong, Pasig and Taipei, Taichung and San Jose, and Bangkok and San Diego. This new framework of cooperation is an open initiative involving more participating cities and partners in the future.

City Certification Program This program provides a ladder to support progressive and sustainable advances in air quality. Cities will be able to communicate the achievements that they have made towards better air quality management goals through a “seal of approval” (or eco-label). The program offers international recognition for cities taking significant steps to improve the air quality and gives a clear roadmap to continue improving their capacity to manage air pollution.

Knowledge Platform The Knowledge Platform is an online resource for sharing best practices and provides networking opportunities, including an online experts database accessible to CCAP cities. This platform includes city training programs to strengthen the capacity of cities on emissions inventory, air quality monitoring tools, and management strategies for pollutants of concern, such as PM2.5. Visit the Knowledge Platform by clicking this link.

For our latest developments, download the 2015 CCAP Newsletter .

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