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Clean Air Asia has been working in China for more than a decade, and in 2005 was the first NGO to have established a city air quality management network throughout the country in collaboration with the Foreign Economic Cooperation Office of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. In the past decade, our China office has conducted more than a dozen nationwide annual air quality management workshops, and numerous regional air quality management workshops and trainings and green-transport-oriented workshops, bringing together national and local government environmental and transport officials, and national and international experts from more than 100 cities to build the capacity of cities, promote learning between cities, and provide input into national policymaking.

We further promote Chinese city actions with the annual China Air Report by objectively monitoring the implementation and progress of the policies that are being enacted under the Air Pollution Control and Prevention Action Plan. The first in this series of annual reports was launched in 2015. From 2015, Clean Air Asia has been regularly developing training materials and case studies, and creating a Chinese knowledge hub and help desk to support local decision-makers in addressing air quality management issues. We also improve public awareness of air pollution through different focused campaigns.

We initiated green freight pilot projects in China in 2008, and has successfully established and run a national green freight development program in collaboration with key partners and stakeholders since 2012. In 2016, we launched the Mr. Trucker Campaign, which equipped Chinese truck drivers with techniques and know-how to achieve considerable fuel savings and emission reductions.

Clean Air Asia’s Mr Trucker campaign – co-organized by the China Green Freight Initiative, the China Road Transport Association, the China Faw Group Corporation’s R&D Center, and Home of Truck – is helping Chinese truck drivers save fuel and earn more money for their families. One of those drivers is 28-year-old Fu Chao. Mr Fu began driving trucks a decade ago. His preference is for routes that are challenging, like the icy and snowy route to Tibet. Mr Fu also loves to spend time with his wife and child. Driving is his way of showing love, by making money for his family. Thanks to the Mr Trucker Campaign, he has improved his eco-driving skills and reduced his fuel consumption by 5.5 percent.

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Clean Air Reporting by Cities: Guidelines and China Case Studies (CN)

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China Green Freight Policy and Institutional Analysis Report (CN)

Emission Impact Assessment of Harbin Bus Priority Corridor (CN)


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