The Clean Air Scorecard consists of three indexes that examines
the different areas of air quality management

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A. Major stationary sources of stationary air pollution

Please list the major sources of stationary air pollution in your city





B. Industry sources of air pollution

Please click on the industries that are currently operational with significant emissions in your city
Petroleum Industry

Petroleum Refining

Transportation and Marketing of Petroleum Liquids

Natural Gas Processing

Food and Agricultural Industries

Growing Operation (i.e. Applying Fertilizer/Pesticide)

Harvesting Operation (Cotton or Grain Harvesting)

Livestock & Poultry Feed Operations

Animal & Meat Products Preparation

Cotton Ginning

Preserved Fruits and Vegetables

Grain Processing (i.e. Cereal Mfg, Bread Baking)

Confectionary Products

Vegetable Oil Processing

Beverages (i.e. Malt, Wine, Brandy)

Fish Processing

Coffee Roasting

Yeast Production

Leather Tanning

Organic Chemical Process Industry

Carbon Black

Adipic Acid


Paint & Varnish

Plastic Manufacturing

Printing Ink

Soap and Detergents

Synthetic Fiber

Terephthalic Acid

Lead Alkyl

Pharmaceuticals Production

Maleic Anhydride

Inorganic Chemical Industry

Synthetic Ammonia


Ammonium Nitrate

Ammonium Sulfate

Phosphate Fertilizers

Hydrochloric Acid

Nitric Acid

Phosphoric Acid

Sulfuric Acid


Sodium Carbonate

Sulfur Recovery

Mineral Product Industries

Hot Mix Asphalt Plants

Asphalt Roofing

Bricks and Related Clay Products

Calcium Carbide Manufacturing

Refractory Manufacturing

Portland Cement Manufacturing

Ceramic Clay Manufacturing

Clay and Fly Ash Sintering

Western Surface Coal Mining

Coal Cleaning

Coal Conversion

Concrete Batching

Glass Fiber Manufacturing

Frit Manufacturing

Glass Manufacturing

Gypsum Manufacturing

Lime Manufacturing

Mineral Wool Manufacturing

Construction and Aggregate Processing

Lightweight Aggregate

Phosphate Rock Processing

Diatomite Processing

Taconite Ore Processing

Metallic Minerals Processing

Clay Processing

Talc Processing

Feldspar Processing

Vermiculite Processing

Perlite Manufacturing

Abrasives Manufacturing

Metallurgical Industry

Primary Aluminum Production

Coke Production

Primary Copper Smelting

Ferroalloy Production

Iron and Steel Production

Primary Lead Smelting

Zinc Smelting

Secondary Aluminum Operations

Secondary Copper Smelting and Alloying

Gray Iron Foundries

Secondary Lead Processing

Secondary Magnesium Smelting

Steel Foundries

Secondary Zinc Processing

Storage Battery Production

Lead Oxide and Pigment Production

Miscellaneous Lead Products

Leadbearing Ore Crushing and Grinding

Electric Arc Welding


Wood Products Industry

Chemical Wood Pulping

Plywood Manufacturing

Reconstituted Wood Products


Wood Preserving

Engineered Wood Products

Monitoring Station Data

How Many Monitoring Stations for PM2.5 are located in:
How Many Monitoring Stations for PM10 are located in:
How Many Monitoring Stations for O3 are located in:
How Many Monitoring Stations for SO2 are located in:
How Many Monitoring Stations for NO2 are located in:
How Many Monitoring Stations for CO are located in:
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