Clean Air Asia’s response to COVID-19

The sustainable road to recovery

As countries throughout the world grapple with the escalating human and economic costs of the coronavirus, attention is increasingly being focused on longer-term recovery efforts and the potential reshaping of national economies and fiscal priorities in the post-COVID-19 era, with thoughts turning to new visions for the future and the building of more equitable, robust and sustainable systems.

The pandemic is demonstrating the world’s willingness to act swiftly and collaboratively in addressing a global public health crisis. In the aftermath, let us harness that spirit and energy in continuing to fight the climate crisis as together we address another imminent existential threat. Climate change and air pollution are the next curves we need to flatten, with the same urgency, channeling of resources, and political will that has united countries in this current unprecedented global response.

We can do this. By placing sustainable development and global emissions reductions at the heart of economic rebuilding, we will usher in more holistic and integrated development pathways as part of a new global sustainability paradigm. With wisdom and foresight, we have the potential to transform societies for the betterment of all.