ADB Venue

The Better Air Quality conference (BAQ) 2023 was held at the ADB Headquarters in Manila.

Asian Development Bank Headquarters 
6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City 1550, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel +63 2 86324444
Fax +63 2 86362444 

Access, Security, and Health Protocol


Registered participants will be required to present a valid photo identification (passport, driver's license etc.) to receive their ADB-issued building access ID. This must be always worn while inside ADB premises.   
Please ensure that you arrive at the ADB Main Gate 30 minutes before the actual schedule for seamless registration and ADB ID issuance.  

Security and Health Protocol 

  • If you are not feeling well, please advise the BAQ Secretariat at and/or the ADB Incident Coordinator through the following and stay in your hotel: Mobile: +63 286325220 or +63 9999995220 or Email
  • You are reminded to bring with you your original vaccination card/certificate (fully vaccinated) and any valid photo ID.
  • Enter the compound via the Guadix Drive Gate or Bank Drive Gate or ADB Avenue Gate.
  • Wearing a face mask when on the premises is optional.
  • Proceed to the Access Control Officer (receptionist) desk and show your valid ID. Once cleared, you will be issued a Visitor’s Pass.

ADB access mapFood and Drinks

Daily breakfast will be served at the hotel. As the conference starts at 9:00 am, we encourage participants to take their breakfast early to be at the conference venue before 9:00 am

Morning and afternoon snacks will be provided along the Auditorium gallery on 15-17 November. Lunch will be served at the Executive Dining Room, 2nd floor, Special Facilities Block.

The cocktail reception will be held at the ADB Courtyard on Wednesday, 15th November from 6 pm GMT+8.


There are several toilet facilities in the ADB building complex. Toilet facilities near the Auditorium are located on both sides of the hallway beside Auditorium Halls 1 and 2.

ADB Floor Plan

Location of Miscellaneous Services/Facilities at ADB Headquarters Building:

  • ADB Cashier: Ground Floor, Office Tower Building   
  • Commercial Banks: Ground Floor, Office Tower Building  
  • Travel Agents: Ground Floor, Office Tower Building  
  • Personal Counter (phone cards, courier services, etc.): Ground Floor, Office Tower Building  
  • Post Office: Ground Floor, Office Tower Building   
  • ADB Cafeteria: Level 1, Special Facilities Block  
  • Library: Level 1, Office Tower Building 


ADB Evacuation Plan
ADB Safety and Security