11:15 – 12:45 - Auditorium 4


Effective air quality management can have significant implications on human rights. While legislation can be a critical tool in enabling countries to establish and fulfil these rights, UNEP’s 2021 Regulating Air Quality: The First Global Assessment of Air Pollution Legislation found that there was no common legal framework for ambient air quality standards globally. UNEP’s Law Division has been working towards providing tools to support lawmakers to develop robust air quality legislation, such as the Guide on Ambient Air Quality Legislation, which outlines critical elements for consideration when developing air quality laws and regulations. The session highlights the importance of legislation in enabling substantive and procedural rights for ambient air quality.


This event will bring together national policy makers, regulatory authorities, public health specialists, NGOs, and ADB project officers to discuss and highlight the importance of good governance, and effective legislation as critical to managing air quality and fulfilling the human right to breathe clean air. It will also emphasize the value of public participation in the development and implementation of air quality legislation.





Karma Yangzom or other senior official, Asian Development Bank 


Brief overview of the session agenda and UNEP’s work on air quality legislation - Valentina Ricca, Associate Legal Officer, Montevideo Coordination and Delivery Unit, Law Division, UNEP 


  • Effective legislation as a key step towards fulfilling the human right to breathe clean air - David Boyd, Former Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment – virtual
  • Legislation for robust and participatory air quality governance - Eloise Scotford Author, UNEP Guide on Ambient Air Quality   Legislation,  Dean, Faculty of Law, University College London


Moderator: Bert Fabian, EANET National experiences in participatory governance 


  • Matthew Baird, Executive Director, Asian Research Institution for Environmental Law (ARIEL)
  • Jundy Del Socorro, Air Quality Management Section Chief, Environment Management Bureau, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Philippines
  • Watchalawalee Kumboonreung, Public interest environmental lawyer, Thailand
  • Syaharani Kadir, Researcher, Indonesian Center for Environmental Law




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