14:00 – 15:30 - Multi-Function Hall 3


In this session, regional updates on air quality and action will be presented and discussed, providing an avenue for policymakers, academia, private sector and other stakeholders, to learn and apply various approaches to address air pollution.

A global overview of the latest status and updates on air pollution and air quality management will be provided. This co-learning session will discuss key findings of the Clean Air Asia 2023 Asia Air Quality Management Status and Trends Report, together with important developments in air pollution actions in Europe and America. The discussions aim to identify opportunities for learning and collaboration, and strategies applicable to Asia and other parts of the world, considering local context and national commitments.


The session is envisioned to provide insights on how air quality data is used to inform air quality management policies across different regions, highlighting key lessons learned and recommendations for Asia.


Clean Air Asia



Enrique Mikhael Cosep, Senior Researcher, Clean Air Asia


Bjarne Pedersen, Executive Director, Clean Air Asia


  • Asia Status and Trends Report - Everlyn Tamayo-Araneta, Air Quality and Climate Change Science Lead, Clean Air Asia
  • Air Quality Management Updates in Europe - Dr. Leonor Tarrason, Research Director for Environmental Solutions, Norwegian Institute for Air Research
  • Air Quality Management and Policy Development in the US - Ms. Kayla McCauley, Physical Scientist, Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards, US Environmental Protection Agency


Moderator: Dr. Kim Oanh, Emeritus Professor, Asian Institute of Technology

Panelists: All previous speakers


Dr. Kim Oanh, Emeritus Professor, Asian Institute of Technology


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