14:00 – 15:30 - Auditorium 1


With many Asian countries yet to phase out internal combustion engines, many are optimistic about the mitigation potential of improving the efficiency of the transport sector (i.e., energy, economy, and intensity). Interventions such as electrification and implementing fuel quality and vehicle emissions standards, have been indicated by many countries as part of their long-term strategies and nationally determined contributions. 

The session covers the progress and experiences towards low to zero-emission vehicles achieved through the implementation of stringent emissions standards and adoption of electric mobility in Asia. The session also discusses the social implications of transport decarbonization and how these efforts can be scaled from city to global levels.


The session aims to provide an overview of the region’s trajectory for sustainable transport and define opportunities on how interventions can be strengthened through policies and standards, planning, and partnerships.


Clean Air Asia, Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (SOLUTIONS+), Urban Living Lab Center, UN Environment Programme


OPENING KEYNOTE: Framing presentation on how sustainability of the transport sector can be further strengthened in the region - Naressa Saripada, Senior Transport Specialist, Clean Air Asia


  • Asian Development Bank Transport Outlook - Satomi Sakaguchi, Transport Specialist, Asian Development Bank
  • Health benefits in Asia and policies to reduce on-road vehicle pollution through 2050 - Lingzhi Jin, Senior Researcher, International Council on Clean Transportation
  • Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance - Christian Vollmar, Sales Manager, Sales Department International, MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & CO., KG


Moderator: Alvin Mejia, Director, Analysis and Impact, UEMI Secretariat, Urban Electric Mobility Initiative


  • Mr. Kong Sophal, Deputy Director General, General Department of Land Transport, Cambodia Ministry of Public Works and Transport
  • Mr. Do Phan Anh, Deputy Head of Transport Management, Hanoi Department of Transport*


  • Ni Hong, Vehicle Emission Control Center, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences
  • Joachim Bergerhoff, Team Leader, Sustainable Mobility in Metropolitan Regions (SMMR) Project, GFA Consulting Group GmbH
  • Jagan Shah, Distinguished Fellow, The Infravision Foundation; Former Director, National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi


Naressa Saripada, Senior Transport Specialist, Clean Air Asia


*to be confirmed