09:00 – 10:30 - Main Auditorium

Emcee/Moderator: Susann Roth, Department of Communications (DOC), Asian Development Bank

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: State of Global Air Quality Funding 

Sean Maguire, Director of Strategic Partnerships - Clean Air Fund

PANEL DISCUSSION: Finance Clean Air and Climate Solutions

This panel discussion will focus on the available funding sources as well as innovative mechanisms to finance clean air and climate solutions. Panelists will also unpack the financing challenges and present ways to address them.


  • Government
    Dr. Sonu Singh, Scientist E, MoEF&CC, India

  • World Bank
    Pawan Patil, Senior Economist, World Bank, Singapore

  • Private Sector on public-private partnership 
    Dr. Akarin Suwannarat, Executive Vice President and Special Assistant to CEO, Energy Absolute

  • Government Organization
    Yu Kamei, Director, International Cooperation Office, Environmental Management Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, Japan  

  • Philanthropic Organization  
    Husni Mubarok, Senior Program Associate, The Global Energy Transition Initiative (an initiative funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies), Climateworks Foundation 

  • Asian Development Bank
    Lin Lu, Advisor, SEC and Head, Information and Access Unit, Asian Development Bank

Moderated Panel Discussion: Financing Clean Air and Climate Solutions



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