Time: 13 November, 14:30 - 17:30

Venue: Learning Resource Center 2

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The MyCAS (https://mycas.com.my/) is a non-governmental organisation established to address air quality issues at both global and national levels. Its mandate is to lead the national mission to improve air quality. MyCAS was officially registered under the Department of National Registration (PPM-023-11-01062016) on June 1, 2016. MyCAS has made valuable contributions to promote better air quality through their expertise, information sharing, research and publications, dialogue promotion, and support for better air quality and a healthier nation to inhabit. MyCAS was established with a vision to make Malaysia, and all of Asia, a region with clean air to support local and global sustainability. 

Previous successful event by MyCas was hosting the BAQ 2018, TnT Conference with TAAR in 2019 and participated in The International Union of Air Pollution Prevention and Environmental Protection Associations, IUAPPA (http://www.iuappa.org/) world congress in 2019 in Istanbul, Turkiye. IUAPPA promotes the World Clean Air Congress and regional meetings, supports technical and policy development, leads international initiatives such as the Global Atmospheric Pollution Forum, and contributes to initiatives like the Climate and Clean\ Air Coalition. MyCAS is officially registered with IUAPPA and collaborates through networks across Asia and the world.


  • To strengthen knowledge and computer application skills in R programming and packages;
  • To educate participants' skills used in big data analysis applied in industries and researchers using R Software;
  • To apply R application, Rp package, R Studio by using examples of research fields (air,water, social science, economics, engineering, and others) big data sets.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will enhance individual skills in computer basic programming knowledge and skills;
  • Participants have an upgraded skills in big data analysis techniques;
  • To apply R application, Rp package, R Studio by using examples of research fields (air,water, social science, economics, engineering and others) big data sets.

Descriptions of Demonstrations

Upon attending the training, the participants should be able to develop teamwork competencies such as effective communication skills and building team rapport to build a high-performance team.