11:00 - 12:30 - PANEL DISCUSSION 

OPENING KEYNOTE: Air quality and climate change in cities: Trends and opportunities in Asia 

Dang Espita-Casanova, Program Manager, Clean Air Asia

FIRESIDE CHAT: With special focus on the importance of developing clean air roadmaps/plans as a systematic approach for acting and role of decision-makers in initiating momentum and sustaining commitment.

Emcee: Dr. Fu Lu, China Director, Clean AirAsia 

Moderator: Milag Ballesteros, Regional Director for East, Southeast Asia and Oceania, 

C40 Panelists: 

  • Hon. Joy Belmonte, Mayor, Quezon City Government, Philippines 
  • Hon. Jeevan Khatri, Mayor, Changunarayan Municipality, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal 
  • Decky Priambodo Koesrindartono, Head of Planning Agency, Tangerang City, Indonesia

PANEL DISCUSSION: CITIES FORUM: Clean Air and Climate Solutions from Cities, for Cities

To learn from city representatives the key milestones, challenges and opportunities of their cities in their efforts to clean the air and adopt low-carbon solutions; and their recommendations for other cities that want to combat air pollution.

Moderator: Dr. Archana Walia, India Director, Clean Air Asia


  • Xie Jinkai, Deputy Director of the Air Division, Beijing’s Municipal Ecology and Environmental Bureau 
  • Ms. Luu Thanh Chi, Deputy Director, Hanoi Environmental Protection Agency, Vietnam 
  • Ms. Hoang Thu Hong, Head of the Propaganda Department, Hanoi Women’s Association, Hanoi, Vietnam 
  • Mr. Davit Aslanishvili, Project Manager, Tbilisi Transport and Urban Development Agency, (TUDA), Tbilisi, Georgia 
  • Dr. K. S. Jayachandran, Special Secretary, Environment Department, Delhi Secretariat and Member Secretary, Delhi Pollution Control Board, India  (Virtual)


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