Strengthening national air quality management in Mongolia
Posted : April 13, 2019
Continuing to build on our efforts to strengthen air quality management capacity in Mongolia, our Integrated Programme for Better Air Quality in Asia (IBAQ Programme) team worked with city officials from across the country in April to help shape the development and implementation of effective air pollution mitigation strategies and policies nationwide. Air pollution, particularly… . . Read More
Clean Air Action Plan lays foundation for improvements in Bogor City air quality
Posted : March 29, 2019
The completion of a Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) in Bogor City in Indonesia that covers all key emission sources has laid the foundation for multi-sector improvements in urban air quality. The CAAP, developed in partnership with Clean Air Asia’s Integrated Programme for Better Air Quality in Asia (IBAQ Programme), integrates existing data on air… . . Read More
Fighting air pollution from the ground up in Metro Manila
Posted : March 9, 2019
Clean Air Asia continued to bolster the capacity of local communities in Metro Manila to address air pollution in the second of a series of workshops aimed at raising public awareness, promoting behavioral change, and paving the way for long-term solutions that result in cleaner air. The March 8 “Hangarin Para sa Hangin: Malinis at… . . Read More
Context vital in interpretations of air quality data
Posted : March 8, 2019
March 8, 2019 Addressing air quality issues in cities throughout the Philippines has in recent years become a priority for both the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and a growing number of city administrations, many of which are taking steps to reduce harmful pollutant emissions and improve data gathering and assessment. In the 20… . . Read More
Clean Air Asia is bringing air quality training to communities
Posted : February 6, 2019
Clean Air Asia is working to raise awareness about air pollution and improve understandings of air quality and climate among communities in Metro Manila. With a specific focus on representatives of the private and public transport sector, the “Hangarin Para sa Hangin (HPSH): Malinis at Ligtas, Para Sa’yo at sa Ating Lahat” (Aspiring to Clean,… . . Read More
DOE presents final guidelines for Philippines’ fuel economy labeling program
Posted : January 14, 2019
December 20, 2018 Representatives from the government, vehicle importers, manufacturers, distributors and dealers, and development partners came together in December to discuss the final draft of the Particular Product Requirements (PPR) for passenger cars and commercial vehicles in the Philippines. At the December 13 meeting and PPR presentation for the Vehicle Fuel and Economy Labeling… . . Read More
2018 brought home the importance of our work
Posted : December 16, 2018
As the end of 2018 approaches, there is much to be thankful for, and much we acknowledge that still must be done if we are to curtail emissions, improve air quality, and dramatically slow the pace of what has the potential to become runaway global climate change. Indeed, perhaps no year in our 17-year history… . . Read More
BAQ2018 Conference statement
Posted : November 17, 2018
Today marks the conclusion of our 10th Better Air Quality Conference. The theme of this year’s gathering, “Regional Action, Global Impact”, highlights innovation and progressive air quality solutions that will help shape more sustainable future development in Asia and beyond. With the increasingly grim climate change scenarios we now face, it is critical that we… . . Read More
The Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and its staff win the 2018 Kong Ha Award
Posted : November 16, 2018
In recognition of the efforts and impact of two decades of progressive air pollution control measures in China’s capital, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and its staff are the recipients of the 2018 Kong Ha Award for Excellence in Air Quality Management. The Kong Ha Award for Excellence in Air Quality Management was launched… . . Read More
Report Reveals China’s Key to Cleaner Air and Economic Growth
Posted : November 15, 2018
Clean Air Asia’s “Breakthroughs – China’s Path to Clean Air 2013-2017” report found that China’s air pollution control policies had achieved large-scale air quality improvements in more than 300 Chinese cities in the past five years while its economy continued to steadily grow. The report – released at the 10th Better Air Quality Conference in… . . Read More
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