Air Quality Management in South China and the Pearl River Delta 珠江三角洲与中国南方空气质量管理

The objective of this project is to strengthen air quality management (AQM) at the city and provincial level in South China.

Phase I Activities

  • Assessment of AQM in about 3 cities/city clusters of South China Clean. The application of the Clean Air Management Assessment Tool to the three cities/city clusters to identify:
        (a) What needs to be done to improve existing AQM through an understanding of strengths and gaps;
        (b) How integrated AQM is at the provincial and city level and where this can be improved;
      (c) Barriers and need for external support and expertise.
  • Facilitated technical assistance to strengthen AQM in PRD supported by national and international experts and organizations, which could include research, training, and visits to other cities outside of PRD or China with best practices.
  • Establishment of a South China Clean Air Forum. With the results of assessments of 3 cities/city clusters and technical assistance provided, the forum is held in 2013 as a platform for PRD provinces and cities to interact with national government agencies, and other national/international experts and organizations (see The 9th China City AQM Workshop).

Phase II Activities

  • Continue the organization of the PRD Clean Air Forum through:
        a) promoting the replication of successful foreign experiences of regional collaboration on specific AQM topics or areas in response to PRD needs; b) exchanging information and practices between all PRD cities and Hong Kong, SAR including outputs of this proposed project; and
      c) identifying challenges and next steps for improvement;
  • Provide capacity building and technical assistance (TA) to 2‐3 selected cities through compilation of best practices, in‐depth training, city visits and TA reports production on specific topics. (See Training on Air Pollution Source Apportionment: Approach, Model and Management 大气污染源解析:方法、模型与管理培训 )
  • Compile an excel‐style database to keep track of major completed research focused on air pollution problems in the PRD and share it with GDEPD, all PRD city EPBs and other agencies and organizations working on AQM in PRD or relevant to PRD and South China; and
  • Develop Clean Air Report and case study for one selected champion city in the PRD.

Donor: Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Duration: November 2011 – May 2015

Clean Air Asia contact: china(at)




联系我们:[email protected]

项目资助方:洛克菲勒兄弟基金会(Rockefeller Brothers Fund)


加强技术支持。 在国内外专家和机构的支持下,加强珠江三角洲地区空气质量管理工作,组织调研、培训、参观珠三角或中国以外其他地区的最佳实践。

发起中国南方清洁空气论坛。在三个城市/城市群空气质量管理评估结果与技术支持的基础上,中国南方清洁空气论坛于2013年举办,成为珠三角地区各省各城市与国家政府部门以及国内外专家组织交流的平台。(见 The 9th China City AQM Workshop


提供能力建设与技术支持。为2-3个城市提供能力建设与技术支持,包括汇编最佳实践,开展深入培训,进行城市考察,编写主题报告等。 (见 Training on Air Pollution Source Apportionment: Approach, Model and Management 大气污染源解析:方法、模型与管理培训



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