New mobile technology to aid pedestrians launched

5 October 2012 -- Do you want your city authorities (and the world) to know if the walking facilities you use every day make you smile or cry? Do you want to share ideas on how your daily walk could be made more safe, smooth and pleasant? Do you want to know how “walkable” your city is compared to others?

A free walkability app now available on Google gives “walkers” the power to score or rate a footpath, sidewalk, or pedestrian area, and soon allow them to post photos from their daily walk.

“While walking is the most low emission mode of transport, up to seventy percent of road fatalities in Asia are pedestrians. Safe and adequate walking facilities need to be prioritized because too many pedestrian lives are at stake. The silent walking majority in our community must be allowed speak out, that’s why we came out with a website, a Facebook page and a walkability app for android phones,” says Glynda Bathan, Deputy Executive Director of Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia), an international organization.

CAI-Asia has conducted widely publicized walkability assessment reports in 23 Asian cities to date and continues to make better walking infrastructures part of the development agenda of Asian cities with support from Asian Development Bank, Shakti Foundation and many other partner organizations.

Prior to the walkability app, CAI-Asia created a dedicated Walkability Asia website and Facebook page that communicates improvements in walkability in Asian countries, provides a broad list of sources that will enable public participation and guide public and private sector decision-making towards sound policy benefiting pedestrians.

The free walkability app – available at - not only allows you to measure the walkability of a street but also lets you share the feedback with your friends and family.

Parthaa Bosu, Representative of the CA-Asia India Office, remarks, “This walkability app is the first of its kind in the world and the idea is to promote and communicate that safe walking is everyone's right - regardless of age, gender, education and background.”

These online platforms target to increase public consciousness on walking as a preferred low-emission mode of transport.

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