Masyarakat Transportasi Indonesia – MTI (Indonesia Transport Society)

Established in Jakarta on December 12, 1995, is a professional organization that brought together experts, academics, practitioners and bureaucrats who are motivated by the awareness of its social responsibility as the members of society, willing and determined to support and put themselves fully in the development of sustainable national transport in Indonesia.

a. Cultivating professional manpower in the field of transportation;
b. Improving the mastership, development and utilization of science and technology in the field of transportation;
c. Taking an active role in the improvement of the quality and sustainability of transport services;
d. Mediating the various stakeholders in the field of transportation to resolve problems and improve transport condition.

Primary Contact: Damantoro
Secretary of Urban Transport Forum
Avra Building 4th Floor Jl. Raya Cikini No 60 Jakarta 10330, Indonesia
Tel: 62 815 970 6890
Fax: 62 815 970 9790

Countries: Indonesia