Shanghai Encourages Development of New-energy and Low-emission Vehicles

This is from the Air Quality, Energy, Transport, and Climate Change in China, CAI-Asia China Project E-Newsletter: Issue No. 6, 2011

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On February 17th, mayor of Shanghai municipal government, Hanzheng met with U.S. General Motor CEO Akerson and his party.

Han zheng said that good relations of cooperation had been maintained between SAIC Group and General Motor for several years. He expressed that one city had to develop public transportation vigorously as its economy has developed to a certain level.

Shanghai will insist the policy ‘public transportation first’all the time and encourage to develop new energy, clean energy and low-emission vehicles. He hoped that new fruits would be achieved continuously in technical innovation aspect inicluding new energy vehicles and vehicle intelligent information systems through the cooperation between SAIC Group and General Motor to provide more energy-saving and environmental-friendly products.

VECC 2011-02-21

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