Transport Emissions Evaluation Models for Projects (TEEMP)

CAI-Asia is launching the TEEMP Helpdesk for organizations and individuals who want to work with the Transport Emissions Evaluation Models for Projects (TEEMP).

Contact the TEEMP Helpdesk at: .

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What is TEEMP?

These excel-based models for estimating impacts of transport projects were developed by CAI-Asia, the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy and Cambridge Systematics for the GEF-Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP), with financial support from UNEP, ADB, and ClimateWorks Foundation. The TEEMP tools were initially developed by CAI-Asia and ITDP for evaluating the emissions impacts of ADB's transport projects and were modified and extended for GEF projects.

Estimating emissions from transport is an important element in analyzing current and future transport scenarios in cities. The TEEMP tools are sketch models primarily developed to evaluate the impacts of transport projects on CO2 emissions and to some extent air pollutant emissions using data gathered during project feasibility and actual operations. Results of TEEMP evaluation can help facilitate reasonable direction for action and alternate options.

Who can use this tool?

Interested individuals, researchers and planners are encouraged to use this excel-based model for transport projects.

DOWNLOAD your free copy here.

For queries, feedback, or suggestions, please email the helpdesk at

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