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posted on 26 Nov 2010

Dear all,

Under the Institution for Transport Policy Study (ITPS)’s three-year project of “A Study of Transport System in a Low Carbon Society”, ITPS and project members have built backcasting scenarios of the world and five main regions of North and Latin America, Europe, India, Southeast Asia and China.

(For the overview of the project, visit http://itps.sakura.ne.jp/stlsite/STL-TOP.html
and for the scenarios, visit http://www.itps.sakura.ne.jp/stlsite/doc/ecsession.zip )

ITPS’ Global Scenario has grasped the rough image of the low carbon transport system in the world in 2050 although there was a limit to take into account the regional characteristics. Regional Scenarios have tried to capture the regional uniqueness but it was recognized that in order to achieve a low carbon transport system, each region needs to take intensive policies, some of which are globally common policies while some are different from region to region.

Towards the end of the project, it would be worthwhile to consolidate transport experts’ views in terms of the image of the ideal transport system in a low carbon society and to make a certain consensus what are required in order to achieve such a transport system. For this purpose, ITPS is going to conduct a “mini” research to see the ideal image of the transport system in 2050 and the required policy packages.

If you are interested in this survey, could you please spare about 20-25 minutes to answer the questionnaire? In order to join our survey, please visit ITPS survey site:


Once you finished answering, you can see the results of the survey including the answers and comments from other people.
Your participation is highly appreciated!
Please contact me if you have any questions.

Sincerely yours,

Yuki Tanaka

Japan International Transport Institute
Institution for Transport Policy Studies