Satellite navigation ERP and electric cars possible on future road system

Singapore: The Land Transport Authority will soon be calling for a tender to invite industry players to submit technical proposals for a second generation ERP system.

One of the key technologies identified is a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) which makes use of satellites to determine the position of a vehicle.

Transport Minister Raymond Lim said the LTA will be conducting various technical tests to evaluate if the latest technologies available in the market today are accurate and effective enough for use as a congestion charging tool, especially taking into consideration the dense urban environment in Singapore.

However, he added that the development and testing of new ERP technologies that are suitable for Singapore’s conditions could take some years before it is ready to be launched and implemented.

Speaking at the World Urban Transport Leaders Summit 2010 being held at Singapore's Suntec Convention City Centre, Mr Lim pointed out since being implemented in 1998, the gantry-based system Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system has served well.

However, as the number of vehicles on Singapore roads increases over the longer term, congestion will become more extensive and it may become impractical to continue installing ever more physical gantries to manage congestion.

The Transport Minister told the world-gathering that Singapore is in a very unique situation being a small city state, with a growing population whose needs have to be met.