Use of CNG as an Alternative Fuel for Transport-Air Pollution Control Perspective (2001)

M. Raihanul Abedin; p.49-54, International Seminar on Air Pollution in Dhaka City, October 30, 2001; France Bangladesh Association of Scholars and Trainees (FBAST).


Urban air pollution is acknowledged to be extremely damaging to public health in Dhaka and other cities in Bangladesh. Uncontrolled emission from motor vehicles especially the two-stroke three wheeler baby taxi has been identified as one of the major causes of air pollution. A considerable improvement in air quality in the Dhaka city can be made by introducing CNG on a wide scale as a fuel for transport.

Bangladesh has substantial reserve of natural gas. In order to diversify the use of natural gas and reduce in import bill for POL. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) was introduced as an alternative fuel for motor vehicles during eighties. CNG became popular as an environment friendly and least cost alternative fuel for transport. To popularize the use of CNG, government installed 04 (four) refueling stations in Dhaka city during mid nineties. Presently about 1500 (fifteen hundred) petrol vehicles has been converted to run on CNG more in near future.

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Countries: Bangladesh
Topics: Alternative fuels